Jamie Foxx tries to backtrack over his Miley Cyrus comments

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I told you yesterday about Jamie Foxx saying some pretty disgusting things about Miley Cyrus; well, now of course he’s backtracking furiously to cover up the shi*tstorm that this stirred up. Here’s what he had to say on the Jay Leno show:

“I so apologize to Miley, and this is sincere. I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it. And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far. I have a radio show…We’re really the black Howard Stern. We go at everybody. There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart. Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you. I got a daughter too, so I completely understand.”

Okay, I appreciate that. But honestly, I hope that he remembers this in the future, because it was NOT FUNNY to tell a 15 year old to get herself some crack. Not cool. Here’s the video of his apology:

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