Hilary Duff’s Prada Bowler

Hilary Duff has mostly been carrying her new and very expensive Birkin handbag these days, but it seems that Hilary has a penchant for posh handbags. The bag she’s seen carrying here is over $2,000!

Hilary Duff in Beverly Hills

The Prada Cervo Lux Print Bowler is available for $2,350 at Bergdorf Goodman. The bag is made from calf leather with black lace overlay. It’s made in Italy.

Image: splashnewsonline.com ; Via People

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    • http://isthatformeormyblog.blogspot.com Jonathan

      …seems like a waste of money to me! I could do so much with $2,000, but if it makes her happy…

    • Haley

      Wow, officially the most not-cool thing I’ve ever seen HD doing. It’s made from calfs? So dissappointing.

    • Sarah

      She owns many other bags that are even more expensive than this one…
      Designer bags are this overpriced because these high end companies can get away with it: some people are so obsessed they’ll pay anything for a bag like this. And when you’re as wealthy as Hil, $2000 doesn’t matter that much anyway…

      I’d say, as long as she also puts her money in more useful places this is totally fine by me!