Vanity Fair declares Angelina Jolie the most beautiful woman in the world

Awhile back I mentioned – as did several people in comments as reminders – that Angelina Jolie was nominated as the “most beautiful woman in the world” over at Vanity Fair. The votes came in, and Angelina was the winner by an absolute landslide.

I will pause as you all take a moment to say, “Well DUH”.

Angelina swept up a whopping 58% of the votes, leaving Gisele Bundchen (also very beautiful and my favorite model!) a very distant second with only 9% of the votes!

We already knew she was undeniably gorgeous and this is not the kind of thing that Angie herself would ever really care about, but it’s fun anyway and it shows that the people who admire her physical appearance are certainly not in the minority!

(Thanks to those of you who emailed me to let me know the results!)

Image: Newscom

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    • cassie

      When Brad did the Rolling Stone interview he said tabloids are not allowed in their house. He wasn’t even familiar with NY Times story about Angie and People magazine.He asked the interviewer “What was it about?”

    • Brangelina4ever

      I know, I really should know better, you guys. And to tell you the truth, I really don’t believe the rumors either. It’s just frustrating that we don’t know the truth, either. Oh well, I’m one of those who get depressed fro one minute but I get over it quickly. Taylor, you are right, I just have to believe and have faith. It’s just once in a while, I like to be reassured. Heck, really it’s none of my business anyway what happens to them in a sense but I just care too much. I’m sure we all do. That’s I why I really come here, for all you positive Pittwatchers out there. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

    • Neela

      Brangelina4ever, it’s okay. I just don’t think it matters if we know the truth or not. It’s just always better to be positive and to wish the best for this family. I think most of us want to see their relationship succeed, so, that’s what we should focus on. Kind of like the laws of attraction. I don’t mean to get spiritual or new age-y here, but if our thoughts are positive, then, so will the outcome. I do believe that b/c of my own experiences … though usually, I was negative.

    • lu

      Yes, of course. She is the most beautiful of the world. Just look her face, she is amazingly gorgeus.

    • http://Bradnameda9.onOprah Anhri

      This is my correct username, and my correct email address, but the website is not anything I’ve ever heard off, unless this site has been designaged this address. And! my post is not on here.
      Oh, well, no problem. I know that you are a very busy lady.