T-Boz Says She’s Not Jealous of Beyoncé

After T-Boz, former member of TLC, expressed that she’d hate to have been a member of Destiny’s Child, people started saying that she was jealous of  Beyoncé. She claims that this is completely untrue NYC  09/13/03
T-Boz of TLC at the ROSA CHA fashion show in Bryant Park during Fashion Week's 10th Anniversary
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ONE-TIME REPRODUCTION RIGHTS ONLYand that she’s more  jealous of herself than anyone else.

She explains to Essence.com, “First of all, if I’m going to be jealous of anyone I’m going to be jealous of my damn self because I can’t even do TLC again because that was a phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I can never get back.

She says that the media likes to twist things around and that she likes Bey and Destiny’s Child, even recalling that they went on tour with TLC for two months when they were starting out. “The blogs like to twist things and make something out of nothing. I was simply expressing my thoughts on girl groups in general and that my personal choice would never be to put myself in a situation where I’m in a group that is managed by one of the group member’s parents.

She’ says she’s not trying to take away from their accomplishments and said they both have done a “great job” but that, “I just know what would not work for me, because, at the end of the day, if a manager has a personal relationship with someone in the group they are managing, they are always going to have that person’s interest first and foremost and that’s all I was expressing.”

I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. I actually agree with her. I mean, sure, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams’ popularity might not be attributed by the fact that Tina and Mathew Knowles were managing the group, but I would not have liked to have them managing it all. It’s a conflict of interest.

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    • V

      I don’t think it has anything to do with Mathew or Tina Knowles managing Michelle or Kelly. Beyonce’s rise to fame came when she started dating Jay-Z. Jay-Z made her hot. If she hadn’t started dating Jay-Z (who’s always been hot), she’d be just another Kelly and Michelle. That’s the truth.

    • h.c

      yeah Jay didn’t make Beyonce, he helped her, sure! but made her?!! NOO!
      & T-Boz needs to shut up, the last person people would want to ask about career is T-Boz! lol! she probably skipt her shift at Walmart to go to this interview! anyway, If Mathew didn’t manage Destiny’s Child they woudn’t be the best selling group in history, they would probably end up like Britney & Lindsay & basically like any other teen in the industry! Beyonce probably woudn’t even be a part of the group, actually if Matt didn’t manage there woudn’t be a group named Destiny’s Child.
      & why are we talking about something that ended in 2005??!! huh, why T-Boz?!

      • l3fteye31

        i would like to say that tlc is the best female singing group and there was no leader everybody had a chance in the spotlight they were equal unlike destinys child which everybodys attention was on beyonce

    • jayjay

      everybody knows that TLC!!!!! is the best female group of all time. why would tboz want to hate, but beyonce was and always will be famous with jay-z or without jay-z.

    • Jess

      True that jayjay!! Destiny’s Child was cool, but they are no TLC. And TBoz is right, I wouldn’t want to be a member of a group who is managed by a member’s relative. That constant revolving door they had is testament to the conflict of interest within that organization. I don’t understand why all of a sudden TLC is looked upon as some run of the mill singing group, because DC came on the scene. I like to watch DC videos, because they are good dancers and they are very pretty, but I like to “listen” to TLC’s music. I like good singing, not a whole lot of screeching.

    • gina g

      h.c let me tell u, sd

    • gina g

      destiny’s child went far cuz of, they trying to keep up with TLC in the, first place so, everybody knows that DC was a, plant for beyonce.