Hilary Duff Records Single for “What Goes Up”

What Goes UpIt’s just been announced that Hilary Duff has recorded an original song for her movie, What Goes Up (originally Safety Glass).

What Goes Up is the first film from executive producer James Hoke, who talks here about the challenges and rewards of making the film. James shares:

“The film took a little longer to complete, but for good reason. We really wanted to record and incorporate a new Hilary Duff single into the soundtrack. We couldn’t complete the original song until November last year. We think it was worth the wait, and we’re hoping Hilary Duff fans agree.”

Hoke shares that the What Goes Up soundtrack was overseen by Anthony Miranda, will be talked about soon on the production blog in more detail. Hoke shares that he wished the blog had been up sooner in order to interact with fans during the whole process – I’ve seen some movies do this and the overall buzz for the film has helped in the long run. That said, it’s still good they’ve put together the blog now, as many movies don’t even do that.

What Goes Up comes to select cities this May. Fan support may help that expand to more cities!

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