Hilary Duff Walks Dogs & Heads to Hospital

Hilary Duff was seen walking her new dog, whose name we don’t know yet, along with Jack in Toluca Lake. At one point, the new dog definitely gave Hilary a workout, pulling her along as it tried to chase something.

Hilary Duff Dogs & Hospital

Later, Hilary Duff and mom Susan were seen entering the Emergency Room at Providence Saint Vincent Hospital. I’m not sure if they were checking in for some reason or were perhaps there to visit someone.

Hilary Duff Dogs & HospitalHilary Duff Dogs & HospitalHilary Duff Dogs & Hospital

Images: Newscom

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    • http://none ftlouie

      HAHAHHA LOL the 3rd pic is so funny. ;-)

    • Grecia

      ohh… I guess Susan is the one that is sick, becuase she has something in her arm… Im so sorry Hilary, hope she gets better… Love you soooo much Hil, Mike, Susan, Haylie, and the whole familiy hhahaa… ah and I love Hilary´s new dog… is so beautifull and sooOO big… love the 3rd pic.. hahaa!!!**

    • http://pretty-duff.wetpaint.com Material_Girl

      WOW…that third pic is so funny! my dog also pulls me like that!

    • natalie

      so kool cute dog i wonder who was at the hosptial?

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    • Hilfan

      Susan has diabetes, maybe that’s why they went to the hospital?

    • http://---------- deepak

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