Latest rumor: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were caught in bed together

Here we go again. Everyone just loves to have Britney Spears hooking up with guys. We have the backup dancer rumor, and now Star magazine is claiming that Britney was caught in bed with Kevin Federline – by his current girlfriend, Victoria Prince, no less.

Brit and Kevin can’t keep their hands off each other!” exclaims a family insider. “The flings have made them both a lot happier.”

Please. This is STAR we’re talking about. They’re about as reputable as the fortune teller at a county fair. I’m pretty sure that Britney is busy enough with her sons and her tour that she doesn’t need to desperately fill the hours with a ship that has already sailed. I think that tabloid writers must be the same people who write soap operas, what with all the drama and sex and girlfriends exposing affairs.

Besides, we all know that Jamie Spears is keeping close enough tabs on everything that a) Britney probably can’t even sleep with a teddy bear without permission, let alone a man and b) the “family insider” would have been sued and then slapped with a restraining order AND a gag order.

In other news, tonight Britney Spears is rocking Vancouver so stay tuned for some performance videos and photos tomorrow!

Image: Newscom


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    • http://google claudia juiz

      Me encanta la idea, el es el amor de su vida, el papa de sus hijos, una gran persona, el pobre le toco muy maltrato de la prensa y de fans de ella
      su novia Victoria , no es para el , lo importante es la felicidad de los dos con sus hermosos hijos
      en la vida la familia es necesaria cuidemosla