Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sightings on Long Island

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spotted in Long Island

Several of our great PittWatch readers have mentioned that there have apparently been sightings of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie around Long Island but that they have been luckily enough to duck out of the paparazzi line of sight.

Yesterday I received an email from Lisa confirming this. After requesting her permission to share her words (and getting a yes!), here’s the story:

I did want to email you that yes, Brad & Angie are here on Long Island. I work in Huntington village and live in the area and yes, they are staying at the mansion on Lloyd Neck a few miles up the road from the village. My boss is also on Lloyd Neck and a few neighbors have spotted them in cars. And a few of his neighbors also saw Brad at East Woods School apparently speaking to the school about signing up the little ones for pre-school until the end of the school year. It’s private, pre-school thru elementary. A few went up to him to say hello and they said he was very nice and easy going. He also stopped into DaRaimo’s pizza for a slice to go a couple of weeks ago. And yes the property they are on, which is bordered by Caumsett Park and the LI Sound, would be very condusive to not having to take the kids “out” anywhere. But Huntington is an upscale cute village with shops, restaurants and a really nice toy store!! ;) So I’m hoping to spot them one day before they go!

So now we know why we haven’t been having many opportunities to see Brad and Angelina or the kids lately. They’ve been enjoying Long Island, relaxing, and possibly considering extending their stay for a little while.

I would love to see some photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Long Island but if they’re managing to have some quiet time, all the better for them!

Thanks so much Lisa!

Image: Newscom

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    • Dylan Gelbard

      ughhh yeah….eastwoods school goes up to 9th grade… in 9th hehe. yeah i just had like a 25 min comversation with brad the other day. hes very normal and unlike other celebs. he really wants the best for his children.

    • Tekla

      hello wish u happi easter.UG is cool

    • aas

      they are not living on lloyd neck even though they are on long island your information is wrong- but regardless the people of long island are making it very hard for the family and children to have a normal life and for those of us living near them so please just let them be normal and just leave them alone. if you all continue to do as you are trying to find them and see your CELEBRITY if that makes you happy they will leave. so long islanders….mind your own business

    • bella

      there not living in lloyd neck your information is wrong.

    • A

      i live in the town where they were spotted at the other day and they were spotted again just today at our local grocery store. lol at the comment above for assuming that the long islanders are making it hard for them to live a normal life. the area i’m from is at least very private and peaceful so no worries there.

    • BT

      Apr 8, 2009 at 12:10 pm

      Hey guys – just wanted to say I was in NOLA this weekend and saw Brad riding around town. Went to the 9th ward and his homes are really coming along!

      LOL Why are you lying? Brad was in Long island with Angie and the kids. He and Angelina were seen shooping on Borders in Syosset on the weekend.

    • christy

      I just need to add one thing, NO they are not living in Lloyd Harbor. They are living five doors down from me, somewhere near Oyster Bay but I don’t want to say exactly where for their own privacy. They have been spotted several times in Oyster Bay and Syosset, my friend who saw them said people respected their privacy as does everyone in my quiet neighborhood. Is is very unchararteristic in this affluent areas for anyone to act very starstruck. She said they looked like 2 regular people with their kids super market shopping…period end of story. I don’t know why the above person said they live in Lloyd Harbor, not true.

    • kc

      I have some questions for you. Please write me