Hilary Duff in Glasses

Hilary Duff was seen out in New York City today wearing a pair of cowgirl boots over dark skinny jeans, a dark ensemble on top, a simple scarf and… glasses!

Hilary Duff in Glasses

Maybe Hilary really did glasses, not sun glasses, when she was at the Eye Candy Boutique last month!! What do you think of Hilary’s look with glasses? She’s going very retro with the masculine frames, don’t you think?

Hilary Duff in Glasses

Images: splashnewsonline.com

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    • Steven

      Oh yea baby

    • natalie

      it looks good anything suites her!!!!

    • April

      I dont think that she really needs glasses! I think that shes just following the trend of wearing glasses!!! I even have those glasses and i have great vision!! You can get them with clear lenses instead of perscription lenses!!! I think hilary looks great in them!!!!

    • withlove

      i need new glasses buit ive never thought about even trying those… maybe i will now that ive seen them on her! they look awesome!:)

    • hil

      I think she needs them.

    • Julie

      I don’t think so ..
      She said on a interview that she loves wearing glasses, and not the sun one .

    • Holly

      She looks lovely! :)

    • ariadna

      I think she needs them
      I love Hilary in the best, but I dont like her glases :(

    • http://- Myra

      i l0ve the glasses…
      they’re very nice and suits her well..
      lu u hill!!!

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    • massimo

      She looks cute with the glasses.

    • Maila

      She looks cute. And cause she was there now we know why she wasn’t at the Greta screening in LA, even her mum was at the screening! lol.

      A fan who went to the screening left a great review if anyone wants to read it.


    • Liffey

      Could someone please ID the glasses for me? I have been looking for a new pair in this style for about a year now and I just love these. Thank you!

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