New Half-Blood Prince trailer shown at ShoWest, shows new footage!

ShoWest 2009 - Day 2

At ShoWest, a semi-annual movie industry convention, attendees were treated to a new extended trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, including a couple new scenes and plot twists:

  • Dementors (or something similar) flying through the Burrow. Remember, this attack is NOT in the book, but JK Rowling did approve it.
  • Real life action scenes on the streets of London, including Dumbledore on what looks like the train platform.
  • Dumbledore also has a line of dialogue that definitely isn’t part of the book– “Voldemort has chosen Draco Malfoy for a mission.”
  • Inferi crawling out of the lake (gross, that always creeped me out)
  • Harry yelling at Snape as he runs out of the castle “Fight back you coward!”

Good, huh? Hopefully my lovely Warner Brothers peeps will send this over to me pronto so I can share it with you all!

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