Meaghan Jette Martin in ‘Dear Lemon Lima’

Meaghan Jette Martin stars in the upcoming 2009 family comedy film Dear Lemon Lima. The film follows Vanessa Lemor, a lonely 13-year old Yup’ik (Western Eskimo) girl with a vivid imagination, who is dumped by her true love, Philip Gregory. Vanessa spends the summer obsessing over her heartbreak before resolving to win him back at Nichols Academy, a close-minded preparatory school where his family is legacy.


Awarded the only minority scholarship, Vanessa’s new life is a nightmare. Back from the summer abroad and fluent in French, Philip is elevated to popular status, while Vanessa finds herself part of the “FUBARs” (a cruel acronym for those deemed F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition), along with Hercules, Samantha, and Nothing.

Vanessa believes that a victory in the Snowstorm Survivor championship is the only way back into Philip’s heart, so she leads TEAM FUBAR.

Along the way, Vanessa discovers the true meaning of love and must embrace her Native heritage to reclaim the spirit of the World Eskimo Indian Olympics.

Dear Lemon Lima, thrives off the notion that life is a time to come together and celebrate our common traits and differences, inspiring kindness, individuality and equality, values kindled by the diary of a 13-year-old girl.

Savanah Wiltfong plays Vanessa Lemor
Shayne Topp plays Philip Gregory
Zane Huett plays Hercules Howard
Meaghan Jette Martin plays Megan Kennedy
Vanessa Marano plays Samantha Combs
Maia Lee plays Madeline “Nothing” Amigone

More pictures and a video of Meaghan after the wrap party!

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Image used with permission

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