Grey’s Anatomy Wedding Update

Expect to be hearing a lot about this Grey’s Anatomy wedding, because even though no one is saying anything specific, everyone’s still talking about it. But to make sure nothing important leaks out, Shonda Rhimes has increased security.

Scripts are being distributed to “essential personnel only” and the last 30 pages? No one has them! Why all the secrecy?

Because Shonda doesn’t want anyone to know who the bride and groom are. Despite what she said at the 100th episode party, inside sources are sticking with their original story:


That it’s not Meredith and Derek getting married.

So that leaves us with:

  • Izzie/Alex
  • Cristina/Hunt
  • Lexie/Mark

Though they could throw a major curve ball and make it two of the interns, I can’t imagine they’d spend that much time hiding a secret about minor characters. Particularly on the 100th episode.

Keven McKidd said the following regarding the episode:

“I’m not telling you [who the bride and groom are],” he laughs. But he does add that “it’s one of those classic Grey’s episodes, where it’s funny and it breaks your heart four or five times.”

My bet is on Izzie and Alex because that’s the only couple – other than Meredith and Derek – that would make sense.

So let’s recap what we know:

  • Wedding: May 7 (100th episode)
  • Shonda Rhimes casually revealed that it happens on Meredith and Derek’s wedding day.
  • Sources all over insist that it’s not going to be Meredith and Derek that get married.
  • Kevin McKidd tells us it will be both funny and heartbreaking.

Keep on speculating, friends. We’ve got a long way to go before the episode airs!


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    • clare

      what? so no MERDER?

    • DocCovington

      Maybe a double-wedding?

      I’m pretty sure Slexie are going to tie the knot, although a lot of people agree that they have zero chemistry.

      Oh well.

      I just hope that Calzona are over soon and that ABC’s execs come to their senses and offer Brooke Smith to reprise her role as Dr. Hahn. (Hey, one can hope! ;) )

    • sussi

      if the wedding is for mark-lexie or cristina-owen, it would be too soon because they are new couples.. i really really hope and pray..mer and der are going to get married even if only 6 weeks after their engagment

    • meinke

      does anyone already knows how the next episode is called and when it airs?

    • Chrissy

      they could *THROW* us a curve ball… not *through*.

      Sorry… English teacher.

    • Ingrid Diaz

      @meinke – the next episode is called “Sweet Surrender” and airs on April 23rd. Still a while to go :/

    • Ingrid Diaz

      @Chrissy – Fixed it! Typed too fast. Got a new keyboard and I’m still getting used to it. :)