Choose Your Fave “Greta” Poster

Hilary Duff’s upcoming movie Greta, which recently released a brand new trailer, is ramping up its promotions by asking YOU which poster you love the most!


You can head on over to the official Greta website to vote on which of the 2 posters you like best. I personally like the blue one on the left – I think it’s a better photo of Hilary – though I do like the water and sun of the yellow one. What do you think??

So far the yellow poster has 2372 votes, beating out the blue one at 1632 votes (59% vs 41%)

Images: Greta Productions LLC

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    • branly

      i luv da yellow 1

    • hil

      Better photo of Hilary if her head didnt open up.

    • Steven

      Take the best of both. The ripped head is not attractive. maybe a split screen instead. at first glance the one on the right. I just saw “the watchmen” and am still kinda scewed up on the split head shot. The shot of Hilary on the left appears to be a better photo with a lots of interesting graphics at the bottom where as the one on the right appears to be of lesser quality. I’m sorry but I can’t just look at some cheap waves and not think about the whole world just beneth the surface. I don’t like to see her head opened that way either. Try morphing them together and see what you come up with. I like to read movie posters. Don’t dig the Yucky yellow. Can’t vote for either, I’m sticking with the green dress on the beach.

    • Steven

      A picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t screw it up. Remember these.

    • April

      I think that the blue poster would go perfect with this movie because the movie is about how she makes everything around her seem difficult which is what the blue poster is implying. Where as the yellow poster is implying that the world around her is already difficult to the point that suicide seems like a valid option.

    • May

      I would say neither.
      Their both crap.
      I’m sticking with the green dress on the beach, too.

    • ramina

      well i think both r awesome but i like more the first one u know in blue

    • Steven

      I think Ellen (Acadamy award winner) deserves more respect than just a byline at the bottom of some cruddy poster.

      It should read in bold type.

      Hilary Duff, Ellen Burstyn, and Evan Ross. Staring in “Greta” and feel lucky you got top billing.

      You wouldn’t believe all the Seniors I’m Sitting with at the movies who would find that name readily recognizable, and say hey Ellen’s in Greta? Let’s check it out.

    • Frank Street

      Well, I like the yellow more because I don’t like the head split as much, but I really don’t like either. Maybe a nice pic of her in silhouette in the green dress on the beach against the sky. Something taken from a frame in the movie. And Ellen Burstyns name next to Hilarys across the top or bottom sounds really nice, Steven.

    • natalie

      i like the 1st but both are nice

    • adrian

      i love #1 hoho