Angus Stone Prepares to Release Lady of the Sunshine Album

Angus Stone, under the moniker Lady of the Sunshine, is poised to release his debut solo effort Smoking Gun.

“I’ve been skipping off in between tours for about a year now to shake my head of these songs” Angus explained in a statement.   “Last year the old man gave me his old telecaster which gave me the chance to move into a heavier sound. I guess the idea of this album was that there would be no idea of how it would come together as a whole. I wanted these songs to have their own style and I enjoyed watching how the songs took on their own ride, most from the simplest of ideas.”

The album sees Angus as a jack of all trades, taking care of writing duties, the vocals, and electric and acoustic guitar. He also co-produced the disc with drummer and bassist, Finn (Govinda Doyle).

The disc was recorded in an old water tank of all places in the hills of North Queensland. It offers a very different sound to the sweet folk music of Angus and Julia Stone, one which embraces the dirty sounds of blues and rock.

Smoking Gun will be released through Angus’ label Desert Harvest Records in Australia, the United States, and United Kingdom on April 3.

Image used with permission from Original Matters

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