Twilight vs. Harry Potter debate in Seattle – watch!

Up at Seattle’s Central Library this weekend, there was quite the heated debate about the Twilight series vs. the Harry Potter series – namely, which one was better. And now the results: Harry Potter fans won the debate, with the audience voting 120 to 40 for the seven-book series about the boy wizard by J.K. Rowling, outpolling Stephanie Meyer’s four-book teen vampire series. Yeah, we kinda knew how that would turn out, wouldn’t we! Watch:

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    • hp fan forever

      twilight is good, but Harry Potter rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • twilight fan


    • maureen

      harry potter and twilight are interesting stories,i read them both and i also watch their movies as well,,,since i both read and watch them i cant help but compare!!!well,, i can say that harry potter is better!!it makes me laugh, its a combination of adventure, comedy and romance!!!

    • Renesmee Blake

      I love that you guys are very fair to the twilight readers and don’t beat them down just because they like a diffrenet series a thousands Kudos to you. And please tell you friends to do the same thing. thankyou lots and love the harry potter movies!!!!

    • Carolyn Greenburg

      omg this is sooo wrong twilight is soooo the better book

    • ♥Twilight Lover♥

      They are just jealous of Twilight. I bet most people haven’t even read it. People make bad choices when they judge a book by its cover. The movie is worse and people judge that instead of the book. Twilight should win.

    • karen

      ♥Twilight Lover, seriously, I’ve read the 4 twilight books,a nd they are all horrible, Meyer can’t writte a good book even If her life depended on it. Rowling created a whole new world and her characters are detailled, Meyer’s are just “perfect”, taht takes away from the storie.

    • HarryPotterLover

      No doubt about it: Harry Potter is better. The books are the best I’ve read and are so well written. I can’t think of anything that you could compare with Harry Potter. And the movies… I LOVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE! He’s sooooooooooooooo pretty and an amazing actor… Harry Potter & Daniel Radcliffe all the way!

    • Rose

      I feel offended that a great work such as Harry Potter is being compared to something as awful as Twilight. Is there really any comparison? Harry Potter kicks Twilight’s a$$

    • Rose

      I feel offended that a great work such as Harry Potter is being compared to something as awful as Twilight.

    • Veronica

      OHMG! I AM A TOTAL HARRYPOTTER FAN. i cant believe that harry potter is being compared to twilight!! its ridiculous. and trust me i am NOT jealous of twilight//harry potter is the best books i have ever read and i have read alot,, i loved these books so much i have read all seven within like a week and a half..and i have read all of them 3 times. i cannot wait till the new movie. my friends love twilight,,and i like LOVE harry potter they all think im obsessed which i am,, and i think they are twitARDS. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE THIS IS MY OPINION=D

      i asked to debate this in my speech and debate class and my teacher freaked out. oh well


    • Katelyn

      I have read both series multiple times and while i like them both, Harry Potter is just better. I do like the Twilight Saga, the books anyways, but Twilight the Movie SUCKED. New Moon was better but that could just attribute to sexy Taylor Lautner and his AMAZING abs. However the Harry Potter books make me laugh out loud (and make people question my sanity) not to mention the movies are phenomanal! So Twilight=good Harry Potter=Best