Who Is Your Celebrity Love Match?

So I cam across a fun quiz who tells you who your celebrity love match is! It’s a pretty fun quiz and asks interesting questions. I almost gave up because it’s quite a few pages but by the time I got nearer to the end, I thought I had gone this far so I may as well see who my  match is! After about 5 minutes I was really excited to see what they came up with and I was most disappointed in my results! I got Dave Mathews! Come on, why couldn’t I have got like Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio or Jake GylenhaaI? Is that too much to ask? They at least give you your next closet match results but that list wasn’t any better. Sean Penn, Brett Favre, and Kevin Spacey.

Here is my match…talk a bout a receding hairline!

Let me know if you take the quiz and if your results were any better than mine!

Take the Quiz now!

Good Luck!

Image: Newscom

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    • Sarah Jones

      Hey, I took the test but before i tell you my answer i have to say I NEVER do these sorts of things, but am a little bored today so I thought what the hell! So here it is my Celeb Match is Johnny Depp!!! I was loving it…he is Gorgeous!! ;)

    • Franca Schulte

      haha I’m jealous of your Johnny Depp! Better than my Dave Mathews!

    • candice woodrup

      well…i got johnny depp…im kinda disapointed cause i REALLY wanted MJ!!!BUT its not that bad……i guess.