Mark Indelicato Has A Gal-Pal?

I was working on a story about Ugly Betty stars being at a screening of “I Love You Man”, and a photo of Mark Indelicato caused me to go in a different direction:


Image: Newscom

Of course, my first thought was, “Nice shoes!”  Those never seem to go out of style.  I literally had some just like them in the early 80′s.  I also love the specs.  Anyway, the beautiful young lady hanging off Indelicato’s arm, Hannah Ammon, looked very familiar to me.  A little research showed that she’s been out with Mark quite a bit lately.  For instance, here they are at the premiere of “Guys and Dolls”…

Indelicato Ammon8039.JPG

Image: Newscom

Hmmm.  Then, I remembered seeing this one from early February:

Celebrities from fashion and film are seen out and about in lower Manhattan, NYC

Image: SplashnewsOnline

There are quite a few more, as well.  Now, I generally shy away from speculating about the social lives of minors, but if you’re going to pose for the paparazzi multiple times, you kind of lose any expectation on privacy.

So who is Hannah Ammon?  It’s quite a mystery.  According to Mark’s Fashion Week diary, she’s a “friend from school”.  She’s got a page on BroadwayWorld, so it’s a safe assumption to say she’s a stage actress, although there’s no biographical info there.  She has no IMDB page. 

All I know is that Mark Indelicato REALLY likes her company when going to public events, and the two look fabulous together.

How long before we see Miss Ammon cast on Ugly Betty?  THAT would be some interesting casting.

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    • K

      GF, BFF …or beard? In any case — THEY LOOK HOTTT! :-)))