The Wombats Hit Ramsey Street

The British just can’t seem to get enough of Aussie soap Neighbours. So when The Wombats were offered the chance to head to Ramsey Street while on their recent Australian tour, they jumped at the chance.

The poptastic Brits will perform “Kill The Director” and the smash single “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” at Charlie’s Bar tomorrow night, March 10.

The Wombats are the latest in a long line of bands to perform on the soap, including The Veronicas, Marcia Hines, and Damien Leith. Fellow countryman Emma Bunton, Julian Clary, and Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys have all made appearances, but The Wombats are the first British outfit to perform on the Aussie show.

Tune in to Channel 10 from 6:30 pm to check out the historic episode!

Image source: PR Photos

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    • Danny Nash

      Historic? How – The Wombats are lame, for one – two – they’re not The fucking Beatles or even close in status and three – Neighbours is a shitty drama, it’s got no historical value. They’re not going to be teaching it in a hundred years.

      Think before you speak.

      Danny Nash
      Editor @

    • lkatulka

      Danny, you seem to me like one of those people who likes to shots at things because they don’t measure up to your standard of cool. Like them or not, Neighbours is one of the longest running programs on Australian TV with a massive audience around the world, and the Wombats are equally as popular. Their appearance on such a significant show, as the first UK act to perform, is historically notable regardless of your own personal bias.

    • Danny Nash

      That’s funny, because you strike me as a standardized mainstream sellout fan, who focuses on shit that Rolling Stone would talk about with little regard for anything outside the square and real and a fake positivity and lack of passion that you project into the minds of the masses with little regard to the ends and the consequences that lie within.
      You are part of the mass blob that is terrorizing this world with banality and mall music.

      Personal bias and emotion is what music is about, and that has been the biggest fuck up when it comes to musical journalism. Stripping out the emotion and reporting on plain old facts and what the majority of people see anyway has always played a part in the ruination of music. Like it or not – that’s the way it is. The internet is here to open up the barriers and strip down the bullshit that has existed for so long in the music world, instead you’re focusing on shit that Channel 10 news would report on – and so many other blogs have already reported on.

      What’s the point?


      Editor @

    • lkatulka

      I’ve always felt that I set comfortably in the middle, bridging the gap between the teen-focused Smash Hits magazine and the “too cool for school” indie publications. I don’t understand the cringe surrounding popular culture. I unashamedly love Neighbours and Australian Idol and much of the music they play on top 40 radio.

      You say personal bias and emotion is what music journalism is about, but you seem to disregard the passion I have for much of the mainstream. Why exactly is that any less valid than your passions? If you hadn’t just arrived five minutes ago you might realise I also cover more than my fair share of indie artists too. It’s all in the mix.

      Swearing and downgrading artists as you do isn’t my style. I support the music industry. There’s no “fake positivity.” I’m just a happy optimistic person who doesn’t seem to have as much angst as you.

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    • Danny Nash

      Worlds collide.