No HSM4 for Matt Prokop

matt-prokop-01_NC Disney announced last week that they will be continuing with the HSM franchise and will start filming “High School Musical 4” later this year.

The old cast – Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Corbin, Lucas, Monique – will not be joining in on the new movie, since they have all graduated high school and moved on.

So, who’s taking over the franchise? Will is be the new cast like Jemma, Chris and Matt? Well, according to Matt Prokop’s latest MySpace update, it will not include him.

“Not only will HSM4 not feature your loved wildcats: Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, but I will also not be apart of it. Disney decided to go with a completely different story line. I’m so thankful to be apart of HSM3 before they decided to change everything. Enjoy the new characters……. whoever they will be. Matt.”

Wow, I am kind if in shock. What do you guys think about Matt being out?

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    • Giovanna

      No! It can’t be! I mean, first they take out the original cast but now Matt isnt going to appear either! It isnt High School Musical anymore!

    • Chad

      The original cast decided not to return to the franchise on their own accord. Disney did not make the decision for them. Matt is a complete shocker though! I was trying to think of where they would go with Rocketman and had some ideas, but now I’m completely lost! Can’t wait to see what the future HSM brings!

    • Julie Bonner

      Yeah, I liked his character in HSM3. I thought he was hilarious! It should be interesting to see what male they bring in because we all know there has to be a Zac Efron-like character, right?

      I agree Chad, I am completely lost too!

    • Chad

      It wouldn’t be High School Musical without another teen heart-throb front and center! :) I think it’ll be a great opportunity for another young guy to launch his career though. Now we just have to play the waiting game for another year. AHHHHH!

    • eryn


    • gigi

      i dont get why they have to make a 4th movie anyways. it just wont be the same. and if they keep making 1 hsm movie after another fans are likely to get bored.

    • nelly =P

      that is a stuipd descion and wrong.imma miss the old wildcats the cant make cmos or something??

    • Markell

      Nooooooooooooooo This isnt good. No Rocketman, so just Tiara and Donny, this should be interesting, but Rocketman has to be in it!

    • elizabeth

      Now i’m totally confused. i am probably the world’s biggest hsm fan, and every dcom needs characters like troy and gabby, and I thought rocketman would be the troy-ish character. I wonder if people will watch it if it doesn’t have any old characters. i will, just to see how it turns out. what was the point of hsm3′s new wildcats if they aren’t going to be in hsm4? will tiara and donny still be in it? Disney has to release new info soon!!!!!


      I think he chose to not return to HSM4. Notice how he says that “THEY DECIDED TO CHANGE EVERYTHING.” Maybe he felt that he was the new Troy in HSM4 and if Disney decided to not make him the main star of the movie, he probably didn’t want to return as a “Chad”, LOL! But if enough of us complain about him not being in it, Disney will have to include him in it. We’re just getting started people, keep complaining until Disney does what we demand! WE WANT JIMMIE THE ROCKET ZARA IN HSM4!!!

      p.s: Notice how Emma and Donnie are in fact coming back… this makes me think that they realize their characters were never meant to be the main characters in the new movie and they felt all right with the new guys being centerstage… just a thought!

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    • amber

      omg!!!!! it wont even be hsm anymore!! soooooooooo honestly, i dont think it will be that good compared 2 the real hsm.

      p.s. i can’t believe they are doing this!!!

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    • Lo

      That’s kinda annoying that Matt won’t be in it. Apparently he has a valid reason according to his blog. Maybe he didn’t want to be a sell-out to the original HSM cast and thought that there was no point for a forth movie if Efron, Hudgens, Tisdale, Grabeel, Bleu, and Coleman weren’t gonna be in it, which of course they won’t because they graduated.

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    • Vanessa

      I don’t see the point of this at all! If you don’t have the original cast, why continue with this? It’s a stuipd idea!!!!

    • Irock Too

      I think it’s suckish. First, they take out the wildcats, now Matt?! Wait! Who was Mat in HSM3?