Pregnant Bunny Ranch Prostitute Speaks to Tyra

Today on The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra is talking to the Bunny Ranch prostitute who is six months pregnant!  Can you imagine that?  You’ve got to hear/read about her story!  Tyra, Alana Love and Denis Hof

Alana Love is the 20-year-old woman who chose to become a prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch when she was six months pregnant.  She came to the decision when the father of her baby only offered to pay her $25 a month in child support.  Tyra admitted to being angry with Alana for not protecting her baby.  Watch this excerpt from the interview:

Here are some quotes from today’s show:

“When I was six months pregnant and bills were stacking up, you need a quick fix. If you go to a minimum wage job it¹s going to take me so long to catch up on bills.  I don’t want to bring a child into this world having nothing, I want to be able to have at least what I had before I was pregnant.”

“I just have it in my head that I’m just doing this for my daughter.  I wouldn’t want my daughter to do this. I don’t want to have to have her experience this stuff. I want to protect her from things.”

I know that when I heard about this, one of the first things I wondered about(having had three children of my own) was whether she felt comfortable while having sex.  So many women (and men) fear that they are hurting their child by having sex during pregnancy (usually, sex is fine during pregnancy but a lot of people have the fear anyway).  When Tyra asked her about that, Alana said that she has sometimes enjoyed sex with her clients and added:

“Yes there have been times. It’s mixed emotions, sometimes I’m happy, sometimes it’s hard. When it is hard I choose not to.  In the back of my head I’m doing this for my baby, I’m going to be able to support her and not give my child up for adoption, so it’s a mixed emotion.”

I also wondered what types of clients Alana has.  Indeed, the things she said about her clients (she averages five per day!) surprised and grossed me out:

“Even if men don’t come for the pregnancy fantasy, they are struck by it. They know they have privacy there so they are able to experience things. There’s not a particular type. There are doctors, there’s the regular guys you see on the street.  There’s been a couple different types of doctors, they have to do with babies and stuff so I kind of wonder about it. Are they here for me? Are they here for my child? If I think that they’re not here for me and they’re spending too much time on the baby aspect I push back.

There’s a 30-year-old virgin that came in. He came in for an appointment so he saw me first off, and he wanted to lose his virginity to a pregnant woman. I didn’t understand it. It started off with him showing me pictures of his nieces.”

Um… That makes me feel disgusted.  I understand that she needs the money but she really is exposing her baby to all kinds of things that she shouldn’t be (in my opinion).  Tyra also asked her if she would go back to prostituting after she gives birth to the baby.  This was Alana’s response:

“I don’t know for sure.  I did what my goal was to be able to have her and have everything I have. I’m at that goal. Do I stop now or I’ve been marketed very well, do I go back there and grab that money that I made afterwards.”

I hope she gives up this job once she has the baby and tries to live a normal life.  Can you imagine how that little girl is going to feel when she learns what her mother was doing while she was pregnant?  I would be devastated and I would feel dirty for the rest of my life.

image used with permission

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    • markey

      Tyra Banks was a bitch to this woman on her show. , No , prostitution may not be the best way to go in life, But Alana works what is a legal job, and is not on welfare. I think we need to remember what Jesus Christ said in the Bible, when people were about to stone a prositute. he said “Ye who hath not sinned, cast the first stone.” if we have not walked in someone else’s shoes, sometimes we cannot condemn that person. Alana has a boyfriend who is a jerk who has not helped her financially, a family who has not even thrown her a baby shower. It is not only a man who pays a prostitute who has sexual fantasies about a pregnant woman. This type of fantasy is common. One can download internet porn videos by the score , which feature pregnant women. People, get your heads out of your rear ends and stop condemning Alana. Pray for a better life for her instead.

    • Tanisha Curry

      I think Alana should leave the ranch asap and find a decent job to support her and her baby. There are still good jobs out there that will hire her whether it’s McDonald’s or Walmart. It’s a job.

    • Jeanne

      Yeah, I would definitely try McDonald’s before prostitution. It’s really unfortunate.

    • TESSY

      i advice alana to engage herself in one of this businesses and stop being a prostitute

    • http://google gautham

      I think people must not say anything in words that she must do this and that etc.. They must support her financially or by getting her a good job , Then only she can be relieved . I wish i too would help her.

    • Maureen

      Marky, I agree with your statement. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Marie

      I agree with Markey as well. And the bashing of the gifts from the “johns” that Tyra made into what seemed to be a revolting act was ridiculous!! They are gifts to her baby and if she can use them, then I do not see what the difference is WHERE they came from. Watching “dirty money” about high end illegal prostitution is glorified!!! Alana made a choice that I can only assume was the hardest in her life. My only concern is the health of the baby from diseases, but I am sure they use protection and are extremely careful with their clients. I wish her all the best!

    • Karen

      Marky I think you’re a idiot. You get a girl pregnant and have her work as a PROSTITUTE. Tell me that you’d really be okay with YOUR baby having tons of men grope her or even him. If so, then you need help. Honestly that is disgusting. And while I’m a devout follower of Jesus Christ-that was biblical times… I don’t think there were quite the thousands of opportunities there are today. Go to a freaking women’s shelter and work minimum wage at least it’s something with a little dignity. And just because you can “download this on the internet..etc” doesn’t mean it’s OKAY. Honestly how stupid are you to think because more than one person is involved that it’s nothing to feel shock/disgust over. I see how much affirmation you seek from others for something to be okay. Tyra Banks was raising awareness… that young women do not have to lower themselves onto something God certainly doesn’t see as okay-check the 10 Commandments or read more than one verse you googled. God says don’t judge-it’s not judging to say there are more opportunities. She’s not the only person in America to be a single mother. For example, I got pregnant at 18 years old. My parents kicked me out and I have no other relatives. I stayed in a cheap motel until I saved enough to get a apartment. I worked 2 jobs-took a BRIEF maternity leave and then had to drop my baby off at daycare. From then on, I went to work spent as much time with my daughter as I could and then at nights I took online classes and got a babysitter to watch my daughter at night. It took a lot of HARD work but after 7 years I am now a RN. And no I didn’t get the instant money gratification she got. But I got a whole lot more-respect/i protected my child/and did something that will last me in the long run. I still have school bills i’m paying off-but with my new salary it’s not that hard. And now I get to see my daughter a whole lot more. Which is a lot more than that girl will be able to stay while she spends her days in the brothel living from paycheck to paycheck. I know it’s been months since the post was made. But I just saw this episode on late night TV. So hopefully someone who’s browsing through will take time to see what I wrote. And see what Tyra was trying to say-it may not be the easy way, but there’s so many better things out there that in the long run will help you and your child.

      God Bless.

      • Damali

        Mary was a prostitute. Jesus didn’t seem to mind.

    • Susan

      I am absolutely amazed that no one looked past the Alana’s “job” to see the trama that she is living with. It is a shame that not only her family, besides her sister,offered any support or refuge but that she found family in the “bunny house”. I wonder how Dr. Phil would have responded to the father of the baby. Tyra do you know the type of survival skills or life skills for that matter, that this young women possessed? I think that it was unfair to pit one survival story against another when each person’s “story” is so unique. Through out the show I did not see one praise of support that this young lady chose to keep the baby rather than abort her pregnancy but the suggestion was that maybe adoptions was the answer. Personally I wished I was watching this story on the Dr. Phil show as I believe he would have handled many things differently.

    • kim

      My family has always been there for me. I dealt with a lot of gief when I was single and pregnant at age 34 with my own condo and teaching career. Since then I lost my condo my job and took the ass to court for child support. I was still in love with him and it is sooo sad he duped me and still is single and hates me. He is a millonaire and has no problem trying to take every penny away from me. Crazy Insane? I do not get why people just cant look out for the child before them selves… it hurts me that peolpe have no sense of empathy and just blame .. Don’t we all strive for happiness? I am not regretting losing it all to suppor tmy daughter and now I finally found a real man whom supports us both as a lady should be blessed with.

    • http://yahoo deeuhh

      Alana did what she had to do! Its her life, & her decision. Quit judging & let her live her life, you decide yours & she’ll decide hers.

    • Cassilda Louis

      I had this discussion at work with a few friends and I was appalled that they were so dismayed by the fact that a pregnant woman was employed as a prostitute. According to the free Online dictionary ‘a Job’ is, a regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one’s trade, occupation, or profession. You won’t find a thing in the dictionary about a good or a bad job. And if Alana had the good sense to know that she wanted to keep and raise her kid then she wouldn’t do anything to put in harms way. She isn’t hurting anyone is she? Well, I don’t think she is although that point could be argued. The people who now complain about her job, would denounce her even further if she went around stealing. Leave the gentle lady alone.

    • asshole

      Tyra is a bitch, and Jesus christ creeps me out, lol. Plus he never existed

    • Jon

      U people need to get this through your thick heads. She a hoe, She likes cock and she loves to fuck.

      Their are pregnant prostitution working in the streets of just about every mayor city in the USA as you are reading this.

      Get over this slut, she ain’t worth the pity that you people are throwing towards her.

      If she would have kelp her legs closed or just used some protection or maybe selective a better guy to get in bed with she wouldn’t be pregnant. But in my heart of hearts I think that pregnant or not she would still be a Hoe.

      • ash

        dude she wasnt a whore when she got pregnant she became a somebody that provides when the guy of her baby became a low life and didnt want to suport a baby. your an asswhole i hope u never have kids

    • Katie

      Geez, I always thought Tyra was understanding. She was absolutely being a bitch to Alana. I wish Alana would have stood up for herself. What shes doing is legal and safe for her baby, and she seems like a nice enough person. There are a ridiculous amount of women doing unsafe things to their growing baby, she should focus that anger on them.

    • Damali

      This is a horribly judgmental article. “I hope she gives up this job once she has the baby and tries to live a normal life” Do you also hope your gay bother gives up after he gets dumped and goes back to having a normal life? This IS her normal. Just because it isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for her. They get good pay, are very well taken care of and are perfectly safe. There are laws in place that protect them and the customers. They have to get STD tests weekly and there has never been a reported case of any girl getting an STD.

      Shame on you for slut shamming this woman.

    • Kaylee Miles

      I understand why she was doing this and that she is or was doing what she feels is right at that or the moment to help her support her daughter and her self. Also this article is TRASH! I stand behind Alana on this. Plus her daughter never really needs to know unless her mother tells her herself when the time is right.