Hilary & Mike in the Bahamas – New Adds

Hilary Duff and boyfriend Mike Comrie went on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas in January. Although I’ve already shared many great sets of photos, I now have access to more! They were photos I didn’t have before, and they’re cute enough to worth posting now!

The first photo is of Hilary & Mike attending the MJCI Celebration at the Atlantis hotel as part of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. The next photos are of Hilary & Mike in some relaxation time – in one set they’re running on the beach and in another set they cuddle while walking near the ocean.

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    • brandon

      wow hil looks really good here :D

    • deb


    • Damo

      When did Hil get a tattoo?!?!?!? you can see something on her foot in the pic where Mike is hugging her…wonder what is says

    • lizzz

      TATTOO, ONCE AGAIN! what is it?

    • lizzz

      her tattoo says “Let it Be”
      im not sure what it means, though

    • Me

      isnt it a beatles song?

    • natalie

      i remember the pics

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    • withlove

      ya its a song by the Beatles… i want a tattoo like Hilarys only mines going to say “dignity”:)

    • Frank Street

      Unfortunately, the more she is connected to this boyfriend the more her popularity is affected negatively. I also agree that “Dignity” would have been better. Also “I Am”, “Shine” and “Where Did I Go Right” would have been great choices.

    • Frank Street

      And “With Love” and “Play with Fire”. :)

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