Taylor Momsen’s rockin’ looks on Gossip Girl set


Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) really has shed her school-girl look these days. In almost every picture she is more rocker girl than private school girl she plays on The CW’s recently renewed Gossip Girl.

In these pictures taken Feb. 23, Taylor walks to the set on the Lower East Side.

Lately her character on Gossip Girl has been kinda blah. She hasn’t had many storylines except for being a third wheel to Eric (Connor Paolo) and his boyfriend.

It’s time for Jenny to get in the middle of the action. How about a new guy for Jenny? What do you want to happen to Jenny?

More photos of Taylor Momsen after the jump:


Images: Bauer-Griffin

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    • http://kkdfskgd.com Brie

      She’s a good actress and she’s very pretty. I don’t understand why everyone seems to dislike her or hate her! She doesn’t look like she does drugs, She doesn’t look like a whore or a prostitute. She looks like a teenager who has enough money to afford high-end clothes and dresses like the people she hangs out with. If she wasn’t a celebrity NOBODY would be complaining. I’d like to see some PROOF that she does drugs, Because I’ve yet to see anyone show any. Most of the people that say stuff about her are probably just jealous as it is and everyone else just believes them.

      Suck it up, Stop complaining about her. Oh and, For everyone that says she wears too much makeup. Have you MET any 15 year old girls these days?! All I see this girl wearing is probably foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Maybe bronzer/blush. And almost EVERY GIRL WEARS THAT STUFF ON A NORMAL BASIS.

    • Emily lee

      I love her and she is rockin great stuff all the time. I love the Whitley Kros abc tee she wore for her New yorker observer photo shoot- so great !!

    • hannah

      do you guys know what brand and model of sunglasses she’s wearing? i’d really love to have one! thanks!