Jessica Capshaw: Potential Series Regular!

zumawirewestphotos020378-20050608-pawAttention all Callie/Arizona fans, some awesome news is upon us: Jessica Capshaw is here to stay!

At least for a while longer.

Her contract has been extended for the remaining episodes of this season with an option to become a series regular come season six.

To me, that’s … how should we say it? Oh yes: Super! Some of us really, really like her.

For those of you still lingering in Bittersville over the awfulness that was the Brooke Smith-firing (which I still think sucks, no matter how many lesbians ABC throws into the mix), how do you feel about this?

And for those of you over the bitterness, are you happy? Sad? Disappointed?

Personally, I’m excited. I love Callie and I love Arizona and I’m looking forward to some more Calzona.


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    • Orangejuicy

      Great news! Let’s hope they don’t mess this one up too! But they are an adorabe couple and Grey’s has alot of make up for after Callica so I’m staying positive!

    • Laura

      I am still REALLY bitter over the whole Brooke Smith deal. I think I always will be. Erica was one of my favorites on the show. I love Callie. She is the reason I watch the show. Arizona is growing on me and I’m hoping ABC doesn’t mess this up too.

    • Bast

      Super!!!.. :)

      I like the character, it’s different and with Bailey as a new peds surgeon she will be very helpful for her..

      And I love Callie so.. If she is with her so much better.

      Please ABC Do not screw up! This time!

    • Bren

      I have to agree with Laura. I am also bitter about Brooke Smith being fired, she was one of my favorite characters on GA. But I have to say I do enjoy Jessica’s character. She’ll be an excellent addition to the show!

    • Jo

      I’m excited about this news. I love her caracter. She brings such life to the show.

      As for the bitterness, I was bitter about the reason behind Brook’s departure but I hated Erica’s character from the beggining.

      Callie fits better with Arizona in my opinion.

    • Riley

      I love jessicas energy brouht to the show so I think her permenant apperance will b a joy to have but I do have to say being a mark and callie fan the permanence of Arizona robbins pretty much garentees no mallie which is a totall bmmer in m eyess but callie is my fave character so ultimately if shes happy I’m happy :). She diserves to be happy for once!

    • mdb

      I am so with you on the Brooke Smith mess Ingrid. I am still very bitter.

      I like Arizona just fine, although I find her character a bit flat.

      I do not like her with Callie at all. I see ZERO chemistry.

    • Auggie

      I thinks this is super awesome news. I was really upset about Brooke being fired but she’s not coming back and I want Callie to be happy and since Arizona seems to be a happy person I think she can do that for Callie. I also really like Arizona. She’s so different than the other characters they’ve been trying to introduce. She’s likable! LOL! I hope they keep her around next season even if she’s not with Callie though I think she will be.

    • Greg

      I hate how things went down w/Brooke (especially since I was just getting used to her charcter) but I absolutely adore Arizona! She keeps me laughing with her perky attitude around Bailey and Christina. Polar opposite of Hahn

    • annv

      I really like her and her character. I would enjoy her as a permanent fixture, bot not with Callie.

    • Nicole

      I don’t like Arizona. I find her annoying. I like that she helped Bailey find her true calling, peads, but that is as far as it should go in my opinion. I have nothing against lesbians but I don’t like Callie and Arizona. I just don’t.
      Callie goes from being married to George to sleeping with Mark to dating Erica? It was just to random for my tastes.

    • melinda

      Lets just say that callie better come with her AAA game because this lady came from the l word . She has got one hell of a resume. they will be sooo hot together.

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    • DocCovington

      After watching 5×16, all I can say is:

      PLEASE, make her GO AWAY!

      Apart from that sickening fake grin and overdone cheerleader behaviorism (“yay”, “super”,…), I really don’t want to see the storyline that was originally meant for Callie and Erica now being played out with Zony instead. Ack.

    • Sunnydale101

      Bailey is a peds surgeon? That hasn’t aired in Holland yet! Anyway, on topic: I like Arizona. She and Callie are cute together.

    • DocCovington

      > She and Callie are cute together.

      So cute it almost makes you throw up, really…

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    • Kriszti

      I loooooveeee Arizona!!! She is the best character because she is happy and so positive and she can give to the other and beautiful and sweet and has a great wonderful smile what i do love. she is my favourite and they are so cute and hot together. I want them together forever. hope ABC will be clever and won’t do more mistake.

    • hahnlover

      i am still bitter on brooke’s firing. i dont know why whenever there’s a calzona scene, i kinda miss erica’s character, callica is like more smoothing or dare i say more chemistry *for my eyes maybe*. i have nothing againt arizona, i like her, perky and all.. part of me is wistful to hope for a erica come back *grins* maybe for a consult or something,like i said wistful, but perhaps this can add ‘drama’ to the already drama seattle grace ~ :D
      Lastly I MISS HAHN!