The Office Fan Video Set to Avril Lavigne’s “I Will Be”

If you’re a fan of “The Office” (American version), then here’s a fan video of Pam and Jim set to Avril Lavigne‘s song, “Girlfriend”.  It’s not bad, it captures all the sweet “Jam” moments and plays a pretty kick ass power ballad by our gal.  Check it out:

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    • George Lee

      Just want to let you know, I sincerely enjoy your music and wanted wish you a Happy Birthday, in advance… Congrates…. I was graduating from high school, when you were in diapers… But hey, you put out some REALLY killer songs! I’m a free-style artist over 30 years…
      I have a BAD-2-THE-BONE Skull drawing I did for this tatoo, but the guy couldn’t pay me… it’s not to waist. I would like to donate it to you as a
      birthday gift, if you’de like… It’s kinda evil, but I guess you can call it AVRIL….(not that your mean or anything)lol Please e-mail me , if ya like… I know you have others do it for you and have no hard feelings…
      My 4 kids LOVE your music and so I wanted to see If I could make them happy,
      by letting them see my artwork in the background or something..
      Take care and I wish you the best of success!!!!!!!
      Sincerely,and my kids, George Lee.

    • George Lee

      Criss Angel, couldn’t dream this stuff up……… When it comes to music, the MAGIC is in your hands……….