Patrick Dempsey is NOT Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

greys-anatomy-05ABC dropped its latest press release on the virtual table yesterday, revealing that in the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy Derek calls it quits. Some people took this to mean that Patrick Dempsey himself is exiting the show.

Everyone relax … and put down those scalpels. Patrick Dempsey isn’t going anywhere. You know why? Because the day Patrick Dempsey calls it quits for real, the show ends with him. Well, that’s my take anyway.

Regardless of how I feel about it, though, there are no (zero, nada, zippo) rumors about Dempsey wanting to leave the show any time soon. In fact, Kristin at E! Online’s sources confirm that he is “definitely not leaving the show.” And also that he “doesn’t want to leave, and they wouldn’t let him go anyway.”


Breathe. It’s going to be all right.

Would you still tune in if there was no McDreamy, though? Do share. I’m the curious sort.


Via | E! Online

Image: Newscom

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    • Cyndie Bousquet

      Well I love so many of the characters on Grey’s and losing them would take time to get over for example George leaving, however when I think about it honestly I would have a difficult time tuning in if McDreamy were gone from the show. Grey’s is such a collaborated effort that even Izzy not being on has been difficult. The on screen team is an absolutely amazing one and I for one would hate to lose anyone so hopefully season 6 will be so grand that it will excite me to watch season 7….

    • Pam L

      If McDreamy left, that would be the end of Grey’s for me. Pretty much anyone else could leave and I’d be fine with that, but he holds it all together, not to mention a great dose of weekly eye candy!

    • Leeara

      I would TOTALLY give up on Grey’s if Patrick Dempsey or Ellen Pompeo leave the show.

    • Linda V

      If Patrick Dempsey left Grey’s, I wouldn’t watch it anymore. He is the reason that I love it so much.

    • StuckOnTv

      McDreamy is one character out of many. People have their favorites. In all honesty, if Miranda Bailey left the show, I believe it would be far more ratings-breaking than McDreamy’s departure. Bailey is ‘knee-deep’ as it were, in the lives of the interns, residents, patients and attendings. She’s the glue that bonds everyone in place. Who I would *not* miss: Arizona. Her sing-song, chipper, and perma-cheer personality is really grating on my nerves. Personally, I have enjoyed her most recent hiatus from the show.

    • lorena

      THANK GOD he is not leaving

    • lorena

      thank god mic dreamy is not leaving