Lindsay Lohan Nude for Hedi Slimane

Lindsay Lohan posed for another nude photoshoot! After her critical acclaim for the New York Magazine “Last Sitting” portraits from last year, Lindsay Lohan decided to pose naked again.

The photoshoot was done by Hedi Slimane, a fashion designer known for his love of thin models, and can be seen in full here or in the video below. It’s a very sensual photoshoot, only hinting at nudity, using Lindsay’s hair or jacket to keep it discreet. That said, Lindsay is obviously very thin around the hips and stomach!

What do you think of the images??

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    • The_girL_From_Bulgaria

      OMG! she is too beautiful for words .. absolutely incredible, as usual. Love u, Lindsay! Go, girl!

    • Sara

      If she thinks she’s attractive in these photos, wake up Lindsay you’re NOT!! Lindsay is not a role model for any young girl. It’s like she’s promoting her eating disorder. You can see bones sticking out of her in her back, hip, and shoulders. Get some food in her pronto!!

    • Sam

      This is a great victory for us Lohan Groupies.

    • Lil

      Amazing! These photographs are wonderfully artistic and in good taste! Well Done!

    • Bob D

      She looks magnificent. Hotter than ever. You’ll get a lot of comments about how she’s too skinny, I’m sure. Jealously–that’s all it is. She looks like a tigress.

    • Literature&English

      I don’t think that this had anything to do with being envious; there is a problem, and whether or not Lindsay is intentionally or unintentionally not taking care of her body, it shows–literally.

      Yes, too much stress can cause someone to lose weight this drastically, but it doesn’t look healthy. I think, if anything, Lindsay needs to eat more and take proper care of herself. She didn’t look like this in the earlier part of 2008 or 2007. Yes, she was thin, but she was not underweight. As being overweight or obese is extremely dangerous, being underweight is, too.

      If she was the same weight and built that she was when she did the New York magazine shoot with Bern Stein, then, this shoot would’ve been excellent. While I looked at her pictures, especially seeing her backside and her stomach, you’re starting to see bones. Seeing bones is a sign of being too thin. She might not be anorexic or buliamic, but as I have said, she isn’t taking good care of herself. She knows it because she has admitted already in interviews or sound offs.

      I hope that she starts taking care of herself because whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly, she is promoting a negative image of healthy–especially to young female girls. If I was her, I wouldn’t have done that photoshoot if I was that thin. I know that she doesn’t care what everyone says, but I hope that she looks at the picture and realizes that she is wasting away…and stops it immediately and starts taking care of herself as soon as possible.

    • Larry R

      Lindsay Lohan, You are absolutely the MOST Beautiful Woman in the World today, to me at least, PLEASE Be My Valentine ? It is no wonder that I am madly in love with you, how could ANYONE with good taste NOT be ? Next, Youae positively too thin ! NOT a healthy look but a loss of sexy curvy look too thin, Yes just as Beautiful as always, but not as healthy looking as always, PLEASE regain a healthy weight, and bring back more of those scrumptious curves ! Yowza ! GOD Bless You Always, Lindsay D Lohan I Love You Always, me, Larry T Robinson O.R. Tn.

    • petkum

      This pictures are just wonderful! She is grown up people…not the little child-star anymore. I can imagine that it is hard for her long time fans – but for me: I just love this mature look. And I hope so much for her that her new image delivers the roles that she wants to play and make it possible for her to win the desired OSCAR. You are wonderful Linds – keep on going!!!!

    • Lohan Lover

      She looks amazing! Much sexier than that bloated look she had in “The Last Sitting”. She’s not too skinny either…she claims she hasn’t changed her eating habits ….must be something else that’s making her lose a little weight.
      Even if the Lindz went down to 70lbs. I’d still love her. Anyway I hear she’s going to be doing some tracks with Lily Allen and SamRo in the Bahamas…sounds like a sexy three-way to me.
      Maybe Linds could like a thin slice of cheese in a
      Sam and Lily sandwich. Good lick to Lilo!

    • adrianne

      at 0:47-0:51 she looks REVOLTING – TERRIBLE to show anyone out there! Disgraceful! Then you wonder why all those girls out there become anorexic and bulimic! I’m disappointed in you Lindsay.

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