Angelina Jolie’s Oscar Acceptance in 2000 (video clip)

Just for fun, since the Academy Awards are tomorrow night, I thought I’d share a video clip of Angelina Jolie’s Oscar acceptance speech when she won for Best Supporting Actress in 2000 for her role in Girl, Interrupted.

Naturally there will always be people who will have something snarky to say about Angelina and James but I loved her speech. She was so genuinely surprised by her win and she was so full of emotion for everyone that it was a wonderful, natural, real thank you speech.

I do apologize for one thing, the audio is not properly synched to the video and frankly that drives me a little nuts, but it was the only one I could find right now. Hopefully we’ll get to see her do another acceptance speech on Sunday night, but if not, at least we know she did win that year and it was definitely well-deserved!

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    • jennifer


      from where did you saw it? i couldn’t find it anywhere I’m so excited to see them.

    • Srellabellaroma

      Wow, Angelina really snub Ryan again!!! Brad talked to him but she was MIA.

    • angela

      jen, i saw it on E!, tv guide and abc.
      you saw them already? :)

      sherry, i know you’re probably looking for photos now for a new thread, here’s some:

    • joliepittfanatic

      Melodie, I agree about the tabs! Speaking of which, though, I was at the store today, and when look at this past week’s tabs, saw only one that definently seemed to be pouncing on Brad, Angie, and JA all being at the Oscars: OK.

      I didn’t read the headlines (I don’t like to do so, as I can’t stand reading the horrible lies they often print!), but the cover was a side-by-side of a picture of Angie and a picture of JA. Chances are, the “story” is about them all being at the Oscars.

      Out of Touch also appeared to have Angie as their cover story, but I glanced at it so quickly that I couldn’t tell whether it was about the Oscars or another “story” about Angie.

      Of the other tabs, Life&Style had Rihanna on their cover, and Ugh Weakly had Nadya Suleman on theirs. I did not see Star, so I have no idea who they had on their cover or if they “reported” on Angie, Brad, and JA being at the Oscars.

      I wasn’t too surprised that Life&Style wasn’t “reporting” it while Out of Touch was. Life&Style, although they HAVE certainly done their fair share of nasty Brad and Angie stories, seem to defend Brad and Angie a little more than the other tabs do.

      Out of Touch, on the other hand, seems to be the tab that prints the worst, most vicious rumors about the J-Ps. In fact, unlike the other tabs, I have never once seen them print a postive rumor about the J-Ps (even with pregnancy rumors, they usually try to spin them as the pregnancy being dangerous for Angie’s health, Brad or Angie being upset about it, the two of them fighting over it, etc.).

    • Kati

      Thanks for that video, Sherry! I had never seen that acceptance speech before. Back in 2000 the Finnish TV didn´t show the Oscars live like it fortunately does nowadays. IF she had won this year her speech certainly would have included a phrase “I´m so in love with Brad right now!” The whole speech made me cry. She has always been a beautiful young woman but during the last few years her beauty has really blossomed. Brad has made wonders for her. She is more relaxed and at peace with herself now. Also the children have calmed her down a lot. One day their children will see this video and they will be really proud of their mum. And naturally they can be very proud of their dad too. If there ever were a competition which one of the celebrity parents are the best I would be rooting for Brad and Angie. They´re such a loving and devoted parents. WTG Brad and Angie! Keep having more children!

    • Notsure

      Why does Angelina always wear black?