Hayden Panettiere Is Just Not That Into Milo Anymore


Heroes costars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have reportedly thrown in the towel on their relationship. I’m sure it didn’t have a thing to do with that 12-year age gap between them.

Sources call it "a lifestyle conflict" because the pair are simply at different places in their life.


Panettiere, 19, and Ventimiglia, 31, of course they would be at different places.

The two, who began dating in 2008, had been an open secret for months. While the pair might have been able to make it work at a different place in time – I just don’t see a 19-year-old being able to make a go of it with someone so much older.

Nineteen-year-olds have to sow a few wild oats, do they not?

Image Credit: Newscom

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