The First Same Sex Marriage On Daytime

Eden-Reigel_ncWhile ABC, and other media outlets were giving All My Children some press coverage because of the controversial storyline of Same Sex Marriage between Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) daughter Bianca (Eden Riegel) with Reese (Tamara Braun), some LOYAL All My Children viewers, including myself couldn’t care less about it. Someone who doesn’t watch All My Children might find this event monumental and a progress in TV history, but people who actually watch the show considers it a waste of time. Let me tell you why.

Because behind all this supposed oh-so-monumental event is a disaster storyline that’s been expected to blow up before they even said “I do”. The drama that has been going on months before the wedding day pretty much sealed the fate of this same sex marriage.

A. Bianca and Reese decided to use Zach as their sperm donor. Zach happens to be Bianca’s brother-in-law.

B. Kendall, Bianca’s sister, Zach’s wife was in a coma for at least 3 months.

C. Within that 3 months that Kendall was in a coma, Bianca found out that her fiancee Reese has actually been engaged with a MAN before.

D. Erica Kane never warmed up to Reese.

E. Reese and Zach has developed a “deep friendship”. Bianca suspected it was more than friendship that she felt the need to test them.


F. Kendall woke up from coma and found out her husband is her sister’s BabyDaddy.

G. The Kendall we know and loved did not take this news lightly. She wants Bianca and Reese out of town. Zach, Bianca, and Reese all feel betrayed by Kendall’s reaction. In their world, Kendall was supposed to jump up and down, celebrate, give them a huge party, and welcome with open arms the fact that her new niece is her sister and husband’s child.

H. No matter how many times Zach and Reese denied it, they’ve developed something more than friendship. They kissed in the church the night before the Same Sex Marriage was about to happen. It wasn’t just a “congratulations to your upcoming wedding to my sister-in-law who happens to be my Baby’sMama“. It was “oh my gosh I’m about to explode if I don’t give you a hot exploding kiss right about now” kind of kiss. And it lasted more than 2 minutes.

And these are the reasons why I do not care about this Same Sex Marriage storyline. All My Children writers wanted this to be monumental but they ruined it the minute they started showing all the aforementioned backdrop stories. It’s hard to invest on something that’s already been tainted before it even started.

This supposed “groundbreaking” event on daytime that the media is talking about doesn’t mean a damn thing because this Same Sex Marriage started and will end in nothing.

Sure, this is Soaps, of course it’s all going to be drama. My point is, they want us to care about this HUGE event on Daytime. It has never been done before. Well guess what, because of that maybe they should’ve made this marriage meaningful. No drama, no babydrama, no Lesbian hooking up with a GUY who happens to be married, and no other deceptions in between. It’s the first ever same sex marriage on daytime. It’s also the first same sex marriage where one of the brides (Reese) was kissing a MAN the night before the wedding. The lesbian bride (Bianca) tells her probably bi-sexual bride (Reese) to stay away from her 4 days after their “groundbreaking” same sex marriage.

Well thanks, but no thanks.

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    • Thom

      Dexie this is your best post ever. Again my mom and I have discussed this over and over again and agree 100% with you on this. They just ruined this. Instead of showing a lesbian life style they had to throw in all this F…..g drama with it and ruin it. They could have gone in such a better direction with this and made it an awesome storyline. AWESOME my friend.

    • Dexie

      Thanks Thom. I appreciate it very much. I’d be the first person to celebrate all the publicity that All My Children has gotten because of this same sex marriage but I feel quite the opposite. I’m actually insulted that AMC went in this direction. Same Sex Marriage that looks (rumored) to be ending in the first same sex marriage annulment. Well geez, what was even the point then? Yah know.

    • Thom


    • Alyssa

      I don’t watch AMC and i didn’t think that the marriage was a big deal. I watch soaps and as always marriages don’t last very long.

    • Stephanie

      Good job on this post. I agree with you. AMC wouldn’t dare explain to GLAAD that while yes it is a Daytime first, the story also has a large amount of hetero bias in it. I’m sure that anyone who really cares about the rights of same sex couples are actually appalled by the back stepping this story does.

    • Dexie

      Stephanie, I’d be very interested in knowing what GLAAD thinks of the end result of this same sex marriage.

    • Thom

      Dexie: from a blog I read yeserday ( it sounds to me like Eden Riegel will be returning. So maybe AMC has realized how they botched this and will correct it. We can only hope.

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    • Brian Allen

      It’s almost impossible for a soap to portray any marriage in a positive way. Because by the nature of the beast, any relationship on a soap has to have so much drama around it that it can’t really be taken seriously.

      Almost every major character in a soap town has been married five-six times, often with two marriages to siblings thrown in.

    • Dexie

      Brian, those heterosexual marriages at least enjoyed 2-3 years anniversaries, respectively. They were able to enjoy their honeymoon period.

      The same sex marriage got so much publicity, probably close to Luke and Laura wedding and any of Erica’s weddings. I wished AMC made this relationship stable. Even for just a year. Breaking it up before it even started is very insulting to the Same Sex couples out there.