Miley Cyrus Dines With Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez


Miley Cyrus headed out with new BFFs, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, for some dinner at Koi restaurant last night! Also in attendance, but noticeably in the background was Miley’s boyfriend, Just Gaston.

Miley was asked by TMZ about the $4 billion class action lawsuit and she responds, “No Comment!

Korean comedian, Margaret Cho, has blasted Miley regarding her recent picture. She posted on her blog about the event and wrote a little song for Miley. “Oh Miley; Chinky eyes make you look wily; Prejudice isn’t thought of So highly; it doesn’t make us all smiley.

More pics …

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    • Mariah

      haha im first :) So yeah i hate Miley but i love Demi and Selena cus they arent full of themselves :)

    • ILuvyaNiley (real)

      i don’t see the freakin big deal bout the slit eye thing! I mean there is alot of ppl who don’t really even know bout it plus its not like shes doing it to disrespect some1

    • http://nsw cassie

      wow can you say publicity stunt lol anyways they look pretty

    • nanozzzzz

      miley is the best everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr love ya milezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • blablabla

      looks like sel is not that happy.i think miley and demi are closer because thy have their music together and they work together for disney.

    • Meena

      I think shes trying to take demi away from selena…. did u see that she keeps saying that she couldnt live without DEMI she never says that she couldnt live without sel!

    • AnaBanana

      OMG, Meena I was totally thinking that! And Demi is always seen with Miley and hardly ever Selena anymore… its weird

    • angela

      wow!this is wonderful i hope they three get bffs just like before they used to write in internet selena and demi bffs now miley,selena and demi bffs wohoooooooo

    • Anica

      It’s always like Selly’s in the background now. I wouldn’t want to accuse Miley of anything but it really seems like there’s something dark she’s planning. I dislike MIley and I love Selly but I don’t want to think ill about Miley it’s just that it’s like she’s spending way too much time with Demi.

    • Me

      Wow people. Can’t three friends go out without being accused of stealing the other friend? I’m sorry but I like all three of them and I don’t think Selena’s always in the background. I think it’s cool that they are all friends and honestly, Miley probably thinks that people already know that she and Selena are friends. Plus you never really know what celebs are doing which is why I dislike gossip. I think it’s awesome that the three of them are together

    • lily2

      i love miley………and awww miley and demi holding hands like their real best freinds………….so cute but i wish miley and selena would do samething…………BUT I JUST ADORE MILEY

    • muhammed

      selena looks like she can move :)

    • muhammed

      hahahaha just joking

    • Schemer9753

      Cool 3 bffs together that’s it. THat’s just lucky I think it’s…………………………………………………………….

      What’s the word I’m looking for

    • anna

      selena and demi have been friends for like 9 years and now all of a suddden miley wants to be friends with them both?? but if u look at the photos its miley holdin demi’s hand and sel left in the back!!!!i think miley wants to break up demi and selena so she cam become the all singing all dancing girl who everyone loves. I think she feels threatened by demi and sel and so she is tryin to break them up for her own gain! its really sad!! xx

    • emily

      for god’s sake, they are just 16 or 17, they are still practically kids, do they need to wear such full-on makeup

    • http://yahoo Anneita

      I hate Miley, and she is trying to split Selena and Demi. Hope Demi won’t full for it, cause Selena looks so left out in the picture.

    • ellis

      miley bis the best selena is rubbish

    • carol

      Guys they are just hanging out……. there all BFFS
      i LOVE ALL OF THEM<3 and if you really a fan of sel or Demi they would also want you to be a fan of miley!!! Shes soo nice why do you think Demi and Selena like her??

    • demiley

      woo :) They r so in love~ I love demily ~ and I’m Chinese~