Brad Pitt cruises L.A. on his motorcycle

With the Jolie-Pitt family back in Los Angeles, the days of jet lag are over for now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still busy as always. Brad Pitt was spotted on his motorcycle after he left his Beverly Hills office. He had been there to attend some sort of business meeting. Perhaps Plan B is preparing to bid on a new movie project, or maybe they were looking for new ideas. We all know Brad likes to read, so maybe he’s got a few book-to-screenplay adaptations he’d like to work on.

I love seeing pictures of Brad on his motorcycle, he always seems so happy on it, moreso than when he’s being driven around. There’s such a great freedom to motorcycles, and they’re a lot of fun.

Brad Pitt leaving a business meeting
Brad Pitt leaving a business meeting

What do you suppose is next for Brad and Plan B? What would YOU like to see him do next? I’d still really love to see him play Greg Mortensen in Three Cups of Tea!

Top image used with permission: Splash News Online

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    • LicaPP
    • BlessBrangelina

      There’s a code system to enter their home. LicaPP
      There’s a code ID for entrance to the area! Don’t know what happened but apparently it didn’t work when he returned.

      Everything I have ever read and seen so far suggest there is NO security/gate person on duty, per se! Who would refuse entry!

      Also that source is the Sun, always trust in them to embellish as much as possible!

    • LicaPP

      Well, don’t know if it’s true.

      I drove up to the Mansion with a couple of girlfriends of mine who were in L.A. for a visit (I’m from Austria but I’m fairly often in L.A., even attended FairfaxHS years ago) and we tried to spy through the gates to get a glance of the infamous property, when suddenly the rock next to me started talking to us. The voice startled me and I made a leap to the side. Well, anyway, I started talking to the guy, joking about letting us in so we could audition to become bunnies and he said that if it was up to him he’d let us in. He even told us where the surveillance cameras at the gate were – very well hidden though. Anyway, we didn’t get in, end of story. But from this experience I figured they could very well have someone surveilling the gates and maybe that person didn’t know Brad has left on the chopper for a meeting and hence thought it was someone else with a helmet on.
      And why would anyone make this up. It’s more of a funny anecdote than anything else.

    • joliepittfanatic

      neer, interesting article! I’m not going to comment on Nadya, since she’s already being discussed on the thread about the Brad and Angie lipstick.

      I will, however, comment on what the article had to say about Angie. While the author of the article seem to be more upset at Nayda, I shook my head at the fact that s/he still managed to get in a few jabs at Angie.

      First of all, a truckload of children? Six children doesn’t seem like a truckload to me! Also “It’s okay for me to have lots of kids out of wedlock since Angelina Jolie does, right?” sounds like a jab at Angie to me.

      I mean, let’s be real, here. At least 95 percent of celebs who have children these days are having them out of wedlock. In fact, it’s actually a bit unusual to see a celeb getting married before having kids. In otherwords, Angie is certainly not the first, nor will she be the last, celeb to have kids out of wedlock.

    • sarahc

      I feel the right thing about having children in wed-lock or out is the ability to care financially for these innocent children. Like any child deserves. This mother is only thinking of herself.

    • TL uncool J

      is some-one here working for the sun newspaper, and gets paid by the link? lol

    • joliepittfanatic

      TL Uncool J, I know that sounds like it just came out of left field, but if you read LicaPP’s earlier post, she said she recently heard that Brad supposedly got locked out of his own house. Then she offered to share the article with us but said she’d forgotten where it was she’d seen it, so she’d have to find the link.

      It was after that she posted the link to The Sun’s story about it. :)

      sarahc, to be fair, I think she WAS thinking about the kids at first, or at least thought she would. She has said in interviews that she wanted a large family because she loves kids, but also because she grew up as an only child and didn’t want her kids to experience the same thing.

      That said, I do think she had/has good intentions, but unfourtnately hasn’t made the best choices.

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    • Susan Meyer

      Greg Mortenson – author of New York Times bestseller Three Cups of Tea (still # 1 after 120 weeks) – said in a USA Today article has no interest in doing a Hollywood film and says that Hollywood producers have no integrity, and a film would jeopordize the girls who he helps attend school in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

      Susan Meyer
      Orlando, FL