“Top Chef Masters” Will Also Be Judged By A Woman Named Gail

We already told you that Kelly Choi of New York City would be the Padma of Top Chef spin-off, Top Chef Masters, right? Now we know who will be judging the show which consists of “world class chefs” competing instead of a bunch of amateurs like Top Chef (thus the addition of the word Masters).  The show will consist of 24 cheftestants competing in weekly elimination challenges in order to win the title of Top Chef Master and a prize for the charity of their choice.

The judges will be Gael Green (pictured here to the right), New York Magazine’s restaurant critic for over 40 years, and co-founder of Citymeals-on-Wheels, which provides food to the homebound elderly.   Joining her will be  James Oseland, Southeast Asian culinary expert and Editor-in-Chief of Saveur magazine, and British journalist Jay Rayner. Top Chef head judge Tom Colicchio will serve as consulting producer.  If Top Chef Masters can attract the same quality of world class chef that Top Chef attracts such as Eric Ripert, Dan Barber and Grant Achatz, then this should be an incredible show and very classy addition to Bravo’s lineup.

[Image courtesy of Bravo, used with permission]

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