• Fri, Feb 6 2009

Get Lady Gaga’s Poker Face Bow Hair Style


If you like Lady Gaga’s "Poker Face" Bow hair style, here’s a video from PurseBuzz.com that they were kind enough to post on YouTube. Apparently, a lot of people were asking on how to create the bow hair on themselves too. Wow, really? I could understand Lady Gaga going around town with bow hair since she’s a Pop Star after all. But regular women? Well, if you must learn how to create the Lady Gaga Bow Hair, here’s the step-by-step-video :


Once you’ve mastered the Lady Gaga Bow Hair, I hope you work it for all it’s worth. The lady in the video said it could be an everyday or party look. Well, have fun :).

(Image : Newscom)

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  • meg.gold

    even though its not the same as lady gaga`s, its VERY close. u look fantastic with the bow! i havent tried it yet, but i will soon.

  • Leah

    some good tips i might try that out but it may be a bit hard cause i have curly but wavy lol

  • Incredible Salon Success

    When people enjoy what they do and have a good time doing it, -they will figure out all on their own how to be excellent at it.

  • ckdlr


  • ckdlr

    this is cool… but why do they have to put it on youtube???

    charline + lacy
    iz out!!

  • ckdlr

    i eet apple pie

  • ckdlr

    everbody dance now!!!! :D

  • ckdlr

    lacy + charline (dancing)!!!!
    woot woot

  • ckdlr

    pleez no swearing on here…. :3

    thankyou very much…

  • ckdlr

    apple aa aa ball bb bb

    everyone should learn how to spell……

  • ckdlr

    im just using texting styles….

    !!!NO HATING!!!

  • lina

    Are you serious? The asian on the video did such a crappy job at making a “lady gaga hair bow”

    • Christina

      It’s not like you can do any better.
      And if you can, why don’t YOU post your own goddamn video.