The Silver Lining of Jessica Simpson’s Weight Gain

Jessica Simpson Launches Her New Fragrance

If you didn’t know better, you’d think Jessica Simpson purposely wore that hideous outfit at the chili cookout just so she could get some extra media attention.

She didn’t – of course – but the result has certainly been favorable for her. Everybody and their sister has weighed in (pun intended!) on this. Jessica has received kudos from everyone from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance to Kim Kardashian to even ex-hubby Nick Lachey.

In Touch Weekly and People will both have Jessica on their covers this week. US Magazine actually bumped new president Barack Obama in order to put Jess on the cover.

This is more publicity than when she turned country!

But hey – Jess would probably be the first to tell you that with any setback there is always a silver lining somewhere within. Perhaps all this attention will not only turn the media off the scrutiny, but change the way Jessica herself markets her brand. She doesn’t need to strut around in a bikini in a semi-pornographic video in order to get attention. She can just sing, and be herself. That’s why most of her fans love her anyway.

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