Millionaire Matchmaker Marriage Proposal Ends Badly [Post Season]

[Update: Patti Stanger is still matching total creeps]

Remember on the last episode of last year’s Millionaire Matchmaker and how it ended with a marriage proposal in Vegas (here’s the video in case you forgot)? Commenter BB sent me a tip letting me know that Cidney Carson, the woman in the episode has been very public about the fall out of her relationship with Paul Murad, the millionaire Patti Stanger had set her up with.

On her blog, she says that she and Paul lived together for a few months after they filmed the episode and that his marriage proposal was real, but she broke up with him.  You may also remember Cidney from TMZ. After the episode aired, they “exposed” her as a Playboy model, something Cidney says Bravo, Patti and Paul knew but that never made it on the air.

However, a few months after posting that nice entry about their break up, she changes her tune and has this to say:

From her Myspace blog:

Paul the Liar

So last night was my ten-year high school reunion. Some guy I don’t remember from high school came up to me and told me he was going to be on the premiere of the second season of Millionaire Matchmaker.

He said he also met Paul, b/c of course media-minded Paul makes an appearance on next season.

The guy also told me that Paul was engaged to another girl before we even met and that he is still engaged to her. Seems strange, considering I lived with him for several months, but then I called Patti, and she didn’t deny it!

She said she’s learnt that everything Paul has said or done has been one fat lie!

And the bastard had the audacity to email me a message of congratulations after I got engaged a few months ago to a man who is everything Paul wishes he could be. He even stalked the two of us when we first started dating.

I hope this time, the show makes him out to be the liar and schemer that he really is.

And if u read this Paul, NEVER EVER try to contact me again.

Googling Paul Murad brings up his website and Myspace page, promoting his Las Vegas real estate ventures, but no comments on his relationship with Cidney or with the girl he was dating before their appearance n the show.

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    • kay

      nice jewish girls aren’t playboy models. sorry, cidney, seems you’re the liar

    • morti7

      Looks like it’s much better that Cidney dumped him…after all, he’s a politician, and probably a liberal Democrat to boot…so as far as a long term marriage and commitment is concerned…in no way was that going to happen…just another self-centered, vain, crooked schmuck.

      • WellDoneMorti7

        Kay, you should take to heart the response of morti7. I’m not one to post, but after I read your reply I thought the same thing about your comment: negative, judgmental, assumptive, and full of hate towards someone you don’t even know. I hope those comments aren’t reflective of you or your apparent political party because frankly it’s comes across as pathetically lonely. But you know you best. Perhaps you are surrounded by people who genuinely care about you. I hope you are. And I hope you are kinder towards them and they toward you.

    • morti7

      Reply to Kay: Actually, Nice Jewish girls were and are Playboy models. Back in 1966-70 I was a Playboy Bunny waitress at the NYC Playboy Club. I was then and still am a Nice Jewish Girl (although now I’m 61, a retired businesswoman, & a wife, & mother). Working at the Playboy Club didn’t compromise my virtue nor my religion. In fact, in those days we girls were protected by our employer–we were driven home every night by a driver or in a cab; no touchy-feely shenanigans by customers; and the pay and tips were so good it paid my way through FIT and NYU. I wasn’t the sole Nice Jewish Girl working there. So, Ms. Kosher Kay, you have no idea what you’re talking about, get off your mean, judgmental, self-righteous, vain, and utterly uninformed high horse and you should apologize to Cidney…simply because one day your moronic missives will turn around and bite you in your kosher tuchis!

    • buster hymen

      hey mortie7 the next time your getting your ass beat remember that guy is probably a liberal dem. oh yea could your name be any more stereotypical Jew. you like that how i judged you without even knowing you based on your name. oh yea Arbeit macht frei

    • Elva Joseph

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