• Fri, Jan 30 2009

Jeff McInnis Is Not A Sex Object [Top Chef]

Jeff McInnis (pictured here back at the beginning of the season), the winking blonde cheftestant of the DiLIdo Beach Club and the last chef to be eliminated, is not at all pleased with the judge’s decision. In an interview with People magazine, he calls Tom Colicchio’s food “boring” and that he doesn’t “know who would go out and pay exorbitant amounts of money for that food.” He also has a sore loser claim that he was judged more harshly than his competitor, Top Chef Season 3′s Josie. Which you know, Jeff, is the point. Josie is not in the competition anymore, of course the judges will hold you to a higher standard. He goes on to complain that he was portrayed as a “sex object” onscreen:

I think the show used me as some kind of sex object. Every single show that I’ve ever seen, they have me with my shirt off in the beginning — which is kind of strange. I don’t run around the house naked half the time like they portrayed me. It seems like a camera was always following me around trying to find me whenever I’m taking my clothes off to change in the morning or at night. So, to be used like that is always fun.”

After the jump, check out Jeff’s sequester house welcome video, where he admits that he thought he was just “filler” on the chopping block and that he was certain that Fabio would be the one going home He says Josie’s dish would taste good if he was stoned while eating it. Jeff is particularly self loathing in the post elimination interview, saying he’s “disgusted” with both himself and the situation. As an aside, the sequester house Ariane is looking particularly foxy post Top Chef.

[Via PEOPLE TV Watch.]

[Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]

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