Gilmore Girls Trivia: Michel Babysits

In our latest trivia question, we asked: Which is Lorelai’s back-up code name? And you answered:

  • Tookie Clothespin 199 – 34% of all votes
  • Tootsie Rollingpin 72 – 12% of all votes
  • Squeegy Beckinheim 289 – 49% of all votes
  • Sticky Roundehouse 24 – 4% of all votes
    Total Votes: 584

Now, this one was a bit of a trick question based on how I asked it and how well you remember the scene between Lorelai & Rory in episode 3.06 ‘Take the Deviled Eggs…‘. As the video clip below shows, Lorelai shares that she often gives fake names to stores to see how many catalogue companies her name is sold to. The first name (her code name) she used was Squeegy Beckinheim, but then she forgot her code name, so used her back-up code name, Tookie Clothespin.

And now onto our next trivia question!



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