ANTM Obsessed Launch Party Fashion Show

One fun event during the official launch of Oxygen’s America’s Next Top Model: Obsessed was a fashion show featuring over 40 past contestants. The party was on January 18 and was held at Gotham Hall in New York City.

The fashion show was hosted by runway coach and judge Miss J Alexander and it’s tons of fun to watch. I’m glad Oxygen made this video available to the public. It’s so much fun to see former contestants working the runway, even if it’s only for a party celebrating ANTM itself!

Who has changed the most? Who surprised you the most? It’s clearly not a serious fashion show, but man I wish I was invited to that party! Maybe next time!

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    • Nessa

      Who was the girl right before Saraj cycle 9? She looks like Christina Cycle 4.

    • deathkami

      does anyone mind making a list of the order of appearance?
      i cant tell who is who… D:

    • Erin Balser

      deathkami–I’ll try!!

    • deathkami

      i love you + this wonderful site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      hope you get invited to a event next time :D
      you deserve it!

    • Erin Balser

      Amis jenkins
      Analeigh tipton
      Atalya Slater
      bianca golden
      bre scullark
      claire unabia
      diane hernandez
      heather kuzmich
      jael strauss
      janet mills
      jaslene gonzalez
      joanie dodds
      katarzyna dolinska
      kimberly leemans
      lauren utter
      marvita washington
      mckey sullivan
      mila bouzinova
      rebecca epley
      saleisha stowers
      samantha potter
      sheena satana
      yoanna house
      stacy ann fequiere
      NO IDEA
      sarah hartshorne

      I don’t think they showed the entire show in the video. I know Dani Evans and Whitney Thompson were there, but they weren’t in the video.

    • Erin Balser

      I think Nessa is right–the second last girl is Christina from Cycle 4. But I’m not 100% certain.

    • Nessa

      If you look at her eyes. They remind me of Christina cycle 4.

    • final2

      christina c4 was in the show i remember her i love jaels dark hair – heather looked realy great – yoanna looked realy good 2 – lauren c10 still has a lot 2 learn 2 pose a the end of the runway – katarzyna worked it (as allways) – analighe has a a realy strong walk – wat was wit samanthas hair wow – i didnt no amis opened the show she looks realy differnt but i cant wait 4 tyra 2 show us who is the new antm wannabes

    • jA

      Best Walk. Hand Down Kat.(looks a little as well as Jael)

    • Ross

      random, but yoanna appears to be trying to take everybody out using her elbow.

    • Jennifer

      Kat looked so over it. HAHA she is like a REAL model now.