Victoria Justice Makes Her Own Music Video & Steps in Dog Urine!

Victoria Justice created her own little music video to Taylor Swift‘s Love Story. Cute!

She also updated her blog and talks about heading to the premiere of Hotel For Dogs and stepping in something that was not-quite-lemonade!

Hi everyone, I’m on set right now in my dressing room waiting for the 2nd AD to come and get me for my scene, (True Jackson). Tonight we’re taping in front of a live studio audience and out of the window in my dressing room I can see the backs of the audience. It’s really cool, cuz they can’t see me looking out, (I kinda feel like a spy), lol. I’ll try to get some pics to post later on.

Last night I went to a premiere for “Hotel for Dogs.” Everyone from the True Jackson set went and some of my close friends met me down there, (Avan, Simon and Josh). On the carpet they had a bunch of different dogs that people could pose with, which was cool. UNTIL, I almost stepped into a giant pile of what I thought was lemonade…but then my friends freaked out and yelled for me to watch out, because it was a giant puddle of St. Bernard pee… :o

But other than that, we had a lot of fun! The movie was really cute and afterward we all ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I’ll ttyl! :)

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