Lindsay Lohan Almost Violates Probation

Lindsay Lohan almost violated her probation. According to TMZ and E!, Lindsay Lohan went in to a Beverly Hills court yesterday for a progress report on her DUI case.

According to these sources, Lindsay Lohan has moved out of Samantha Ronson’s house and not telling the court has meant a technical foul against her case.

Lindsay was supposed to re-enroll for her alcohol education course using her new address, with a deadline of January 2nd. Lindsay was late, according to E!, in re-enrolling.

“It was just a technicality,” Los Angeles Superior Court spokeswoman Vania Stuelp tells E! News. “They have fixed the addresses and paperwork, and there is no violation of probation.”

Nothing has come of being late, if indeed this is at all true. Lindsay’s lawyer, Blair Berk, was said to have done a good job with the judge making sure everything was ok. There will be another hearing on February 5th when Lindsay needs to prove re-enrollment in the course.

So, does this mean that Lindsay Lohan did move out of Samantha Ronson’s house? And are we to infer that means something more? I am not sure that it necessarily means they broke up – but perhaps have kept a healthy distance with this move?

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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    • OPIE

      I don’t have enough information to say. If these court reports are true, then all they tell us is that at some point Lindsay changed addresses and forgot to (or didn’t know she had to) tell the court of this until after the deadline. It doesn’t tell where she moved to or from, necessarily. Was she living with Sam before all of this or after? It could be she moved *in* with Sam and didn’t tell the courts.

      Perhaps if we had more information, we could know for certain what’s going on here.

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      98% of all stories,reports,rumors,and ‘breaking news’ only exist on the SMEARnet,and have no factual basis in the real world,just the trashmag rack in the grocery store,and the pathetic minds of the haters who infest the net. and since when does an alleged ‘spokeswoman’ for the court,speak to an obvious gossip rag like e!news,LOL,court proceedings are confidential,numbskulls,does this ‘vania’ person even exist?! whatever,haters.

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      this whole ‘story’ is a tmz lie

      how do i know,you ask?

      Lindsay was supposed to re-enroll by Jan 2,according to the tmz gossip garbage site,so if Linds broke with Sam on New Years Eve,which was a Wenesday night/Thursday morning,and moved out on Friday the 2nd of January,how would the court/dmv know this,and call her in violation of probation address forms,when in fact,LL and Sam were still in Miami on 2 Jan 09. this whole story is a bald-face bogus lie,period.

      suck on that,tmz

    • Nina

      Tmz spinned the story as they wanted,the letter for the re-enrolment was sended in linds old house(the one she had leased until october)and not in samanthas, thats why linds lost the date.

      She obviously hasnt moved out she and ali are living in sams house for straight two days now.

      Samantha is out of town so obviously linds still has keys.

    • The_girL_From_Bulgaria

      u r right guys, i agree with u ! this whole “story” is absolutly Bul*shit! =] Love ya, Lindsay!

    • Deep Background

      Something has changed. Just hoping this breakup happens. It would be best for Lindsay.

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