Two Harry Potter actresses make the cut for the Best British Film Actresses of all time

Two of our very own Harry Potter actresses have made the list for the Times’ Best British Actresses of All Time.

First, Helena Bonham Carter.

Sweeney Todd - European Film Premiere

“she carried all before her when Merchant Ivory were in their pomp. Bonham Carter illuminated the best of modern period films with her intelligence and ethereal beauty.”

And then Maggie Smith.

“has found her second with as the kindly and matronly Minerva McGongonagall in the Harry Potter franchise. Smith has always been an absolutely brilliant comic actress on the big screen. ”

I agree with these two picks, but hello? Shouldn’t Emma Thompson be on this list? That’s quite an oversight!

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    • Katz

      I completely agree! Emma Thompson is brilliant and very much deserves to be on that list. I like Bonham-Carter but I honestly prefer Thompson over her.

    • francie

      I totally agree with you..and just think: who won the Oscar for Howards End in 1993, together with Helena? Emma, obviously.