Kyle XY 1.5 "This is not a Test" – recap

Season 1, Episode 5: This Is Not a Test
First aired 24 July 2006

KYLE XY Kyle is the new student at school, and everything fascinates him – the students who clique, the ringing bell, and the library. Kyle miserably fails an entrance placement test. He wanders to the library and ends up skimming the entire world encyclopedia. Kyle aces the test-retake.

A bully tries to hurt Josh and Kyle overpowered the guy.

Meanwhile, Foss enters the Trager house and plants cameras everywhere. He also introduces himself to Nicole as the new personnel in charge of their alarm and neighborhood security. Unknown to Kyle, Foss is watching his every move.


  1. What did the Principal initially think of Kyle?
  2. How did Kyle take Amanda’s introduction of her boyfriend?
  3. How did Lori help Kyle get accepted into the school?
  4. TRIVIA: What is the name of the local high school?


Image credit: Newscom

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