Sanjaya Malakar Releasing Book, Album

sanjaya_dancing_to_the_music_in_my_head Sanjaya Malakar is back.  The American Idol season 6 finalist is releasing an album and a book on January 20, 2009 and both are titled Dancing to the Music in My Head (okay, technically, the book is called… wait for it… Dancing to the Music in My Head: Memoirs of the People’s Idol.  Wow…).  The book’s official press release promises that "Sanjaya takes readers back to where it all began. Sanjaya treats readers to a behind-the-scenes look at his unlikely rise to fame on one of the biggest shows on television."  Yeah…

Listen to excerpts of his tracks “Quintessential Lullaby” and “A Guy Like Me” on the New York Post blog, Pop Tracks.  In the meantime, you can watch a video of him performing “Lullaby” here:

Okay, I couldn’t resist.  I went to find a video of him singing “A Guy Like Me.”  Tell me what you think:

You can pre-order the book on the Simon & Schuster website.  Are you going to buy the book or the album (or both)?

image: Simon & Schuster

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    • Angel

      Congratulations!!! I cannot wait to read the book, can we hear the single anywhere. Did you know you fellow Idol Melinda Doolittle:
      FREE SONG FROM AMERICAN IDOL’S MELINDA DOOLITTLE! GO TO and get it NOW – FREE! New album released on February 3, 2009! Don’t miss it.

    • psbintl

      He CAN”T SING! Why is he releasing an album?!!!

    • Shauna

      I’m surprised. Those songs are good. He must have come a long way since idol.

    • grace

      I see you found sanjayas , mohegan sun events , he’s singing live !sanjaya Always Soundes Excellent live ! dont you find that interesting? because I do !
      I Already Read the book,I preordered I got it on friday & read it all! some Very interesting behind the scenes snippets,it will Peak interest many lilttle notes incerted from melinda,His best Pal Phil stacy, His BBF jordin & chris Rich,nicely written his Teachers would be Proud.

    • cutabv

      I am so excited for Sanjaya he is such a dynamic package. No matter what am idol does.,there will never be another guy like him. I wish he was on every season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Dean

      I don’t understand why people continue to say “he can’t sing”. He has proper range, tone and pitch HE CAN SING. Just because “Simon says” the brainless masses believe it. Sanjaya made it to the TOP 7 on American Idol, granted he isn’t the greatest singer but saying he can’t sing is bullsh1t.

    • psbintl

      I don’t listen to Simon! I consider him a self-absorbed idiot!

      My opinion is solely based on listening to Sanjay sing.

      When I hear him sing and I want to run my fingernails down a blackboard!

    • Harve

      Sanjaya can sing and on key. Sanjaya was mocked on that show for purposes known only to Am Idol. Simon is not always a good judge of what sounds good, sometimes he is really off. But in Sanjaya’s case he said Sanjaya has a great voice at the tryouts.He is right.Rumours are now saying,that Sanjaya was getting more votes than anyone and that is why they scooted him off the show. They had planned a girl to win.

    • Carrio

      Sanjaya was horrific as a performer and everyone knew it but him. He was a joke and and embarrassment to watch. It was cruel of people to continue voting for him leading this obviously tone deaf character to remain on the show for so many weeks while the good performers were voted off. Why would anyone of intelligence be interested in his book? I’m mystified.

    • psbintl


      I completely agree with you! Anyone who thinks this guy can sing must be as tone deaf as he is!

    • Judith

      Carrio and psbintl, you are both so right!!! And Idol had nothign to do with him being kept on the show or being voted off. That season some idiot established an entire website entitled VOTE FOR THE WORST SINGER, and he really promoted the site. People read it and for a joke or because they were stupid, they voted for Sanjaya week after week while voting off really talented people. Thank goodness the website idiot got tired of it and quit doing it.

    • toby

      I liked both songs very good Sanjay they will be a hits for sure.

    • “Ghost”

      I usually like to take the modest approach but, I must be honest with Sanjaya. I’ve been in music for more than 20 years and I must say that Sanjaya has a lot of will and determination; however, he does go off key and, sometimes can lean a bit flat.. If he had good leadership to help him train his voice, he could definately be much better than he is.. In short, when I heard him perform one time on Am Idol, it got so bad that I had to change the channel momentarily….

    • Jeff

      He cannot sing. He needs to go have his sex change operation already. He wants to be a woman. He is GAY!! Hello. Thats why the little girl in the audience was crying….She wanted him to be straight. In 20 years he will be doing drag shows in SF…lol

    • Goldee

      hey,listen to Sanjaya sing acopella,without accompaniment,he has a beautiful on key voice and personally I am sick about reading all these sick slanderous comments.Your judgements on his sexuality are outrageous !Are you God,and do you personally know Sanjaya’s very personal matters? I think not. I was very young but I remember people talking about Elvis this way,AND LOOK HOW FAR HE GOT!! Give up the Hate,it makes you unskilled critics seem soulless.