• Liam w

    hi deeby i think ur fit

  • Liam w

    hi debby i think ur fit

  • Martyna

    Hi Deeby.. I’m Martyna. i love you becouse i’m your fan.. I’m Polish. Write me in my e-mail tynulka4@wp.pl . Please.. There is my dream with you talk.. :]

  • nicolas

    hi Debby I its nicolas the of myspace I contact you because the thersday 4 of febrery to the 5 I dream with and I think “I want contact her” I talk English and Spanish but I´m chilean please contact me my mail is cerdin94@live.cl Bye-Bye

  • DebbyFan118

    Hi Deb

    I love you so much we must be buds Im your
    no.1 fan! Your Hot!!


  • DebbyFan118

    My email adress is thomasw1998@hotmail.co.uk

  • Liam

    Hey Debby i wanted to tell ya that i think you are a great actress and would love to email ya sometime there is so much more i want to know about you my email address is Liam_hughes_1994@hotmail.com

  • stella

    hi debby,, im spanish and…
    i want your mobile phone or mobile phone of cole..

  • stella

    hi debby im stella,,
    it is my msn:
    please …

  • MySelf

    Best actress in the world.

  • Ami

    Hi !
    I’m your number 1 fan.
    please mail me !

  • http://debbyryancllsbaclherfans souso

    Hi debby i love you and keep the harp work up bcouse the suite life is cool,
    with you , dont forget i love debby ryan!

  • valere

    hello Debby, i am a man who search enter on contact with you, before a long time, i will am very happy if you accept me on myspace ( my name is valere preney) or if you add me on msn, please, it’s very important for me, i would like speak you in private, even if i live in France. And i would like know you more precesaly. I hope that you will accept my ask. And i’m very serious. And,don’t think that i’m a fan normal, who play of lover, it isn’t this. Please, it’s very important. Also, thank you, and good night. kiss

  • valere

    I forgotten, my msn is : kudo-21@hotmail.fr

  • Nesha

    hi debby im such a big fan i love u so much debby im 12 and iwould really love if u can call me im from brooklyn so i hope it works please message me back !♥