• Thu, Jan 8 2009

Ian McKellan plays the “best wizard”

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008 - Stage Winners

Here’s an interesting quote from one of my favorite actors, Ian McKellan:

They often say, ‘Hi, Dumbledore,’ and I say, ‘No, no, that’s Mike Gambon.’ I play the wizard, the best wizard,” he said.


All righty then, Gryffindors! Who do you think would come out on top in a fight, Dumbledore or Gandalf? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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  • aaron

    lol well Gandalf is pretty cool but if you dont know there is gandalf, then gandalf the grey and then he becomes gandalf the white you may just say dunmbledore would win. but i think dumbledore would easily defeat gandalf (the grey) but there would be a maore fierce battle with gandalf (the white) showing his supremecy

    just my opinion (:

  • envil

    i think dumbledore “=)”

  • Momo

    Gandalf :P

  • aaron

    thats another reason i said what i said, it keep everyone happy (:

  • Dr_Barnowl

    Dumbledore is but a man … Gandalf is a powerful spiritual being from another plan of existence. No offence to Albus, but I think he’d at least get his nose broken again…