Allison DuBois on Tyra Banks Today

Allison DuBois was on Tyra Banks today and showed a clip from Medium. It was the episode from last season where Ariel dreamed that the kid’s mom died, but it was still nice advertising. After I got over Allison’s very, very red hair, it was fun to hear her talking. That was not a good hair decision! I mean, it is red. Did I tell you yet that Allison DuBois now has red hair?

Anyway, it was a very short appearance on a show about psychic kids. The kids seem like they’re having a rough time growing up, since other kids are teasing them at school. Allison just showed up to say she believed her kids and was able to help them because she went through the same thing growing up.

She also talked about how tough it is to look for missing people and recommended going to school for forensics training and getting a job that allows you to legitimately head out into the field to look for missing kids. (A girl was saying that was what she wanted to do with her life because she could sense the stories behind some missing kid photos.)

A final segment with Allison was a tip for helping psychic kids enhance their abilities. They write down a few things about people they feel connected to to practice their skills. The kids on the show tried the tip on the audience members in the front row.

The show ended with all the audience members getting a copy of Allison’s new book.

I also found a special exclusive video from Allison Dubois on Channeling Your Inner Psychic on the Tyra Banks website.

And, while I couldn’t find a photo so you could see Allison’s hair (did I mention it was red now?) I did find a video of her wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Her hair doesn’t look as red here though.

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    • Betty

      Not a Tyra watcher, but that’s nice that she did a show on this subject. Since she went red, does that mean she got rid of that streak?

    • Clara

      I’ve seen her before, but I didn’t catch her name. I had the same reaction about her hair. I think she may have the reddest hair in the history of the earth. Matter of fact, I don’t think a fox has redder hair.

    • Katelyn

      Betty, I’m not a Tyra watcher either, but I wanted to see Allison. Tyra has done a lot of good things for girls with poor self esteem and tough lives with her camps and stuff, but when she talks, it’s too “Me, me, I, I and me.” The one girl talked about how she seemed to have some healing gift and Tyra asked her to help her ankles because they hurt when she exercises too much.

    • Katelyn

      It just kind of glows like a red sun, doesn’t it?
      I forgot to add that yes, the stripe is gone.

    • Betty

      I think Tyra’s show is aimed at teens or early 20′s, but I do applaud her for her stand when they talked about her being “fat” and how she does help some with low self esteem problems, since we see so much “perfection” thrown at us daily.

      Never liked that streak in Allison’s hair – it was distracting as I imagine the flaming Bozo the clown red hair is now!