Kim Zolciak Has A Blog [Real Housewives of Atlanta]

Kim Zolciak, the kept woman of Real Housewives of Atlanta has got herself a blog and “website”, called Kim Zolciak Online.

2008 Summer TCA Tour - Day 13

Naturally, it’s totally wack and boring. Right now, the blog is a few staged photos of Kim in a bikini along with a few sentences about how it was great to go to the Bahamas for Christmas vacation with her girls. All of this is placed onto a generic Blogspot template and a Gmail address for “booking”.

A word of advice to Kim’s people:

1. Hire a web designer so you can get a real design for the blog and not the generic template everyone else uses.

2. Give us something to read so the commenting section is more than just guys complimenting Kim’s bikini photos. Women and gay guys are the bulk audience of Real Housewives, not straight men. Go crazy, Kim and get to oversharing.

I want to read some chardonnay inspired rants written on your blackberry that I know reside behind those crazy eyes. No more vacation photos, let’s get to the real Kim Zolciak we know and love.

[Source: Just Jared]

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