Megan Will Have Her Own VH1 Show

Megan Hauserman
[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

Yes, folks, it’s the sign of the Appocalypse. Megan Hauserman, the bee-otch from Rock of Love, Beauty & the Geek, I Love Money and now Charm School will be getting her own VH1 reality show. Be sure your affairs are in order, because the end could be near…

Seriously, Megan will have her own show where she’ll be looking for some rich sucker, umm, I mean, man to date. She says that her ultimate goal in life is to be a “trophy wife” and truly, what else could such a mean & vacuous person really aspire to? If you want to try out for the show, here’s the casting notice:

Looking for the ultimate TROPHY WIFE?

Reality TV Star and Playboy Cybergirl
MEGAN HAUSERMAN is looking for a man who will shower her with LOVE and MONEY.

VH1 is casting SINGLE MEN of the HIGHEST PEDIGREE to compete for the bikini clad bombshell from ROCK OF LOVE 2, CHARM SCHOOL and I LOVE MONEY.

If you are a single man with the net worth of $1,000,000 or more, then Megan would love to meet you.

Whether you are a CEO or a TRUST FUND BABY, Megan would make the perfect arm candy for any man…who can afford her!

Please email your:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Net Worth
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • And a short bio to…

When asked how she feels about spearheading her own series, Megan told interviewers: “I feel like this is my time to show the world who I really am and gift one lucky man with the ultimate prize, me. Lily and I have never been more excited about anything in our entire lives.”

Lord, have mercy on the men on the show…

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    • rochelle308

      I could think of 10 other people who deserve their own show over Megan. She is the most shallow person ever. What self respecting man would stoop that low. I gueess we will find out.

    • ShellShock

      OMG, is this serious? What man in his right mind would want her? She needs to have a rematch with Sharon so we can all watch her get her a$$ whooped again!! This girl (and I use that term lightly) does not need her on reality show, she needs a reality check!! She is just white trash looking for a rich sucker to take care of her. Anyone who signs up for that show will get what they deserve!!

    • The people’s champ

      Who the hell is in charge of giving people tv shows so I can shoot him this guy must be insane, c’mon megan. Let’s get a bit serious here this girl is less than average she has an ok body huge feet and her face seems like she has some kind of mental disorder. I beg you please spare us all the nauseating headache and save vh1 the time and money.

    • b

      If anyone has any smarts about them, they will NOT tune into this show! I for one REFUSE to give her any help with ratings! Come on people! The only way we’ll ever stop seeing this SKANK on TV is to not watch it!

    • b

      I forgot to mention that she looks like an M and M cartoon candy in the face! LOL!

    • Profsilver

      Enough of these spinoffs already!

    • whoswho

      I Love MegaN!!!!!!!

      Get it Girl!!! Brush them haters off!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl

      I wonder if Brandi C will be signing up for this show because apparently she has a thing for Megan and her world might end if she doesn’t get her shot. I mean she’s thrown herself under the bus for Megan in every show. As for Megan and her own show, hahahahahahahahhahaha!!!! What ppl wont do for viewership? I have to agree with the majority of other comments, any man who signs up for this show is either wanting publicity or is a dumb@$$.

    • Ambre

      Really?!? The only thing a show about “megan” will do is show other girls that it is o.k. to think and be like Megan. This girl does need a good ‘ol country ass whoop’n and a reality check! Sharon just gave her a love tap and Megan deserved it and all you people who think that Megan didn’t…deep down you know that she did. Hopefully there’s not a guy out there that would want to date her. I guess we’ll all find out if there are when the “show” airs……..truly pathetic…….

    • IlOVeMeagan2Death

      To Everyone who thinks Megan got harmed on her fight with Sharon, she didnt. I know someone who knows Brandi C. and the whole fight was set-up. Brandi C didnt want to watch it, because if it were real she would have ran in to the fight and defended Megan. Sharon happened to have a random red drink?? and it showed Megan outside after, she looked fine. But she had to act upset. She got paid. LOVE YOU MEGAN AND BRANDI C

    • blondieee94

      i cant believe that shallow girl is getting a show.
      i mean come on, how low can vh1 go? she has no respect for other people, and i cant believe that ANYONE would want to marry her. its one thing to sleep with someone, or have a fling for a while, but marriage? i dont think so.
      i hope that they will stop with all of these ridiculous spinoffs, especially if a person like megan will be on it!!

    • MorgaSum

      You guys know tv ill be watchin it stilll lol and you know all them haters will too!!
      i adore tv.and no im not no fat slob with no life lol im young and good looking and addicted to tv!!
      thanks Vh1 my fav network!!!

    • http://VH1 Marti

      Really guys, there still more deserving people who deserve their own show. Hey maybe Frank the Entertainer with his parents, now there is a realty show. Any way good with Megan’s show.

    • tassha

      Eternal Damnation is upon us.

    • k

      hope she dont find s*** someone needs to kick her ass

    • matt

      okk so all u ppl hating on magan really need to get a life, lyk its sad how patetic u all are. and i really wanna say some meaners things but i dont think it would get published if i did so i gunna end it at u ppl are all just jellous that u dont look at HOTTT as her!!! i luv you Megan besties for lyf!!!!

    • tvmoñorosa

      Que biiieeen!!!
      She is so funny, i love watching how she acts and reacts. I´ll definetly watch this.
      but giiiiirl, don´t choose a bastard!! i´ll send you my brother!! so we can tan and get our lovely dogs to meet.