Reality Horror Night – The First Movie Trailer!

I’m so thrilled to give you your first look at the Reality Horror Night movie trailer! Billy Garcia is certainly keeping me…and you…in the loop on the production for te movie. This looks like a totally creepy and wonderfully fun movie. I can’t wait until it hits the big screen. Check it out:

It looks like we can expect the movie to open around Halloween 2009. I know now that I have plans for opening night!!

You can find out more about Billy Garcia on his MySpace site & about Reality Horror Night on the official site.

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    • James

      I can’t wait. I don’t think it’s going to theaters, because I was watching the Rock of Love Charm School reunion and Frenchy said that it’s going straight to DVD and Blue Ray.

    • Sami Lara

      Reality Horror Night looks great! Sean Pomper is a genius! Beware the movie! Looks scary! Fame Demands Fortune put out a great film. Reality Stars in a scam for $1000000 awesome! Fraud and Horror Love it! Fame Demands Fortune Public Relations Firm, Fame Demands Fortune PR do they have another movie?

    • Billy

      Frenchy was mistaken….IT WILL BE IN THEATERS!