Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve Performance

Miley Cyrus performed See You Again on New Year’s Eve for the FNMTV Presents: A Miley-Sized Surprise.

The Hannah Montana starlet did her concert at Arnold O’Beckman High School in Irvine in honor of the contest-winning high school student, Alison Kaprielian, a senior who volunteers for the Pink Ribbon Club to raise breast cancer awareness.

Catch a better quality video from an audience member below!

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    • Steven

      Did you hear that, I’ve never heard that whisper before? Who’s doing That ???

    • fif

      she did great miley is really nice to do things like this for other people she definately has the best heart on disney i didnt hear any other disney star doing things like this or going to children hospital and sing to sick kids that probably wont make to next year and she did that on her vacation! really nice girl it show that what matter is whats inside!

    • Isabelle

      this is why i love her so much.Sure she did some mistake but who doesnt.and you can really that she is not here for the money..she is here because she love the job..and she really take of her fans.CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHO ALREADY (CELEBRITY) WENT TO VISIT KIDS AT HOSPITAL…TRYING TO DO MORE PLACES WHEN THERE IS NO MORE..SELLING TICKETS FOR YOUR OWN SWEET 16…SINGING FOR SICK KIDS..AND HELPING PEOPLE WITH GIVING MONEY TO THE CHARITY.LIKE IN 2007 SHE GAVE TO CITY OF HOPE 1 MILLION$ AND LAST OCTOBER SHE GAVE 1 MILLION $ TO YOUTH SERVICE AMERICA

    • babyg

      yah i agree with fif and isabella miley cyrus is a nice and loving person